Bizarre Warzone bug makes players slide uphill while aiming

Alex Garton
Warzone slide mount

A strange bug in Warzone is causing players to slide along walls on Caldera after they’ve mounted their weapon, and it’s even occurring uphill.

The arrival of the Warzone Pacific update brought Vanguard’s huge arsenal of weapons to the battle royale, as well as introducing the expansive Caldera map.

While on the whole, it appears the community is enjoying all of the new additions, there has been a fair share of bugs and glitches affecting the gameplay experience.

Whether it’s teammates turning into lifesize grenades or massive visual bugs covering players’ entire screen, it’s safe to say the devs have got their hands full keeping Caldera in check.

Well, now another issue has arisen and it’s causing players to slide infinitely along walls when they mount their weapon in certain areas.

Warzone mounted weapon bug
The mounted weapon bug only appears to occur in certain areas on Caldera.

Warzone bug makes players slide along walls while mounted

Sliding is a core movement mechanic in Warzone and if mastered fully, can even be used to gain an advantage and move quicker than your opponents.

While on Verdansk sliding could only be achieved by sprinting, as discovered by Reddit user I_like_to_run__, on Caldera, a glitch seems to have opened up the possibilities.

After approaching a wall on the Caldera map and mounting onto it to stabilize their aim, I_like_to_run__ began to slide up the side of the wall infinitely.

The bug even pushed the player directly uphill and maintained a steady speed the entire time.

It’s hard to know why this glitch is happening and whether it is only occurring in a single location. If it can be replicated, it could be used effectively in certain scenarios, particularly if the traveling speed is quicker than simply sprinting uphill.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see if the devs think the bug is worth fixing, or whether it’s better to leave it in the game until a later date.

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