Warzone bug turns enemy into monstrous demon impossible to kill

Andrew Highton
warzone operator looking at screen

The Warzone demon glitch continues to escalate to new heights and sizes apparently. A scarier version of it has emerged turning a regular enemy into a walking nightmare in Caldera.

Call of Duty: Warzone can sometimes have a ‘glitch of the week’ feel where players wonder what interesting fault will dominate the headlines. The celebration of the Christmas Warzone content saw a glitch randomly send players to the Gulag, and another make Krampus invisible.

Now, the Holiday season has brought about some terror in the form of a new demon glitch. Warzone’s Season 1 Caldera launch has seen the return of the notorious demon gun glitch. However, it now appears to have mutated into something far worse.

warzone demon gun glitch
The demon glitch is evolving into bigger and scarier forms.

TezzyTezz was minding their own business roaming around Warzone when they saw something lifted directly out of Hell coming for them.

After checking the windows and environment for any threats, a ginormous, spiky creature suddenly dragged its way up the stairs and unloaded on the player. To their credit, the monster didn’t fluster the player too much as they were able to land some solid shots on the buggy demon.

But it was clearly difficult to land consistent shots on the player when their body was being stretched all over the place.

The horrifying visual would’ve affected many players, and one commenter even said: “Cr*p, it’s like Silent Hill! Is that Pyramid Head!?” Some other players appear to have encountered this abnormality, labeling it “Venomed,” “digital Cthulu,” and the “void”.

This is easily one of the scariest things ever seen in Warzone, and the demon glitch is spinning out of control. Given its frequency, it’s likely that Raven Software are trying to ensure a complete fix for it is being worked on.