Warzone players discover easiest way to kill Krampus: Just ‘jump him’

Theo Salaun
Activision / Pexels / Pixabay

Call of Duty: Warzone’s holiday event, Festive Fervor, brought Krampus to the Pacific to wreak havoc. Now, players have figured out a simple, surprisingly effective way to kill Krampus – by ganging up on him and throwing hands.

Krampus is a mythological monster. In Warzone, he’s a menace who has bothered players to the point that people called for nerfs to the “unbelievably stupid” creature and are still complaining even after those nerfs arrived.

While Krampus did earn some brownie points by killing a hacker, that wasn’t enough to sway popular opinion. Not simply content with avoiding or killing the beast, players are instead figuring out the fastest, best way to kill Krampus.

And, after lots of experimentation, it turns out there’s a simple method: jumping Krampus and meleeing him to death with a full squad.

The best way to kill Krampus in Warzone: Jump him

Originally posted to TikTok by ‘mrocksyt,’ they also shared the video to Reddit. And their method for defeating Krampus is surprisingly simple and effective – you gang up on the monster and just keep punching him.

As it turns out, this method not only works quickly, but it also prevents Krampus from teleporting away while not wasting any of your ammo. With the squad whooping the mythological demon amid a chorus of “fight back” taunts, he’s beat down in under a minute and unable to kill anyone in the process.

krampus call of duty warzone pacific
Krampus has made his presence felt, a little too strongly, across Caldera.

The downside to this method is that it leaves you susceptible to any enemies in the vicinity. While it’s nice not to waste any ammo and kill Krampus quickly, it’s true that this group beating would be an easy target for opponents.

But if you’re in a relatively safe part of the map, this could be a great way to get the monster off your back.

If you can kill Krampus with haste and without sacrificing ammo, that time is well worth not having to deal with him hunting you down for three minutes of the entire game.