Bizarre Warzone bug forces players to start in the Gulag

Bizarre Warzone bug forces players to start in the GulagActivision

After dying in a Warzone game players get sent to the Gulag to fight for redeployment, but a wild glitch is forcing people to start their matches there instead.

The Gulag is what makes Warzone a unique battle royale as players square off in a 1v1 to earn a second life.

If you win your gunfight then you’ll drop back into Caldera with the loadout you won with and can link back up with your squadmates.

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However, a bizarre bug is taking away this second chance from people as they are dying right away and being thrown into the Gulag.

Warzone Pacific updateTreyarch/Activision
Warzone players are starting their games in the Gulag due to a new bug.

Warzone bug kills players as they drop in

The Warzone Pacific update brought the community a new map, weapons, and some unusual glitches.

This Reddit clip, posted by ‘YoungSafavi’ displays how they were getting ready to drop into their BR match when the plane decided it wanted to rack up some kills.

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As seen in the video, the player simply hit their deploy button and was greeted with a death screen. Since this was in Vanguard Resurgence, they just had to wait out the timer and respawn into the map.

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However, if this were to happen during a normal match then it would send them straight to the Gulag meaning that they lose that insurance policy quite early into the game.

Other players were reporting this issue as well and even claimed that it crashed their game. “Same happened to me and [my] team last night. Then it froze my PS5.”

There is no way to tell what is causing this issue and at the time of writing this, Raven Software have not identified a fix for the problem.

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