Warzone Pacific’s Vanguard Royale mode details: Dogfighting, vehicles, more

Alec Mullins
Warzone Pacific graphic

Call of Duty has revealed more details about Warzone Pacific’s upcoming Vanguard Royale playlist for Warzone, including new info about vehicles and dogfighting on the new Caldera map. 

Warzone is set for a huge makeover with the arrival of Warzone Pacific, and the devs have shared a big look into the future with the “Welcome to Paradise” patch notes that are stuffed with information and sneak peeks of what to expect.

While the regular Battle Royale mode will be receiving some big updates as well, this marked our best look at the upcoming Vanguard Royale playlist, which aims to center players in a uniquely WWII-era experience through some crafty changes to the game.

Warzone Pacific Vanguard Royale mode details

The new troop transport in Warzone Pacific's Vanguard Royale
These new troop transports are just a small piece of the pie when it comes to new content in Warzone Pacifc

The main difference between regular BR and Vanguard Royale is the inclusion of new vehicles around the map, including era-appropriate fighter planes.

In the update notes, the dev teams shared some insight into what that means: “Fly fighter planes that rain down fire on foes or head for the AA guns or trucks to shoot them out of the skies. There are also other ground-based vehicles, including a Squad Transport all-terrain car that will help your squad cut through and around the island.”

These new options for transportation will bring a new level of strategy to the game, as anyone on the ground will have to be wary of the threat that flies overhead and develop a plan for how to deal with them.

A showcase of the Vanguard wepons in Warzone's Vanguard Royale
If you were hoping to being an MP7 or an EM2 to the Vanguard party, you’re in for a bit of a disappointment.

Another big change for Vanguard Royale is the reduced loot pool and limited Operator selection available in the playlist, as only guns from Vanguard will be available for use in this mode.

This includes both ground loot and players’ custom loadouts and was implemented with the hope of bringing “more accessibility and room for experimentation” to the table this time around.

There are a number of other changes — including a faster closing circle, and select in-game events — that will significantly impact the pace of play, but the exact details for those are yet to be announced.

For now, players will have to wait and see how it all plays out when Warzone Pacific arrives on December 8.