Best LW3 Tundra Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War class loadout: Attachments, Setup, Perk

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Despite not being everyone’s favorite sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War, the LW3 Tundra is still a respectable choice because it packs a bigger punch than its fellow bolt-action rifle, the Pelington 703. Here’s what you need to build one of the best loadouts for the Tundra.

Right now, if you were to ask people to think about sniper rifles in Black Ops Cold War, most people would probably think about the Pelington 703. Of all the bolt-action sniper rifles in the game, it’s the one first unlocked, has better base statistics, and a faster aim-down-speed than the Tundra.

Despite this, however, the Tundra is still a formidable weapon. While the Pelington is a one-shot kill to head and chest, the Tundra is a one-shot kill to both — as well as to shoulders, making it a heavy hitter. Further, you can capitalize on certain attachments to make its speed comparable to the Pelington.

How to unlock the Tundra in Cold War

LW3 Tundra unlock
The Tundra is incredibly easy to unlock.

The Tundra is unlocked by simply playing the game and reaching rank 25. No pesky challenges need to be completed here, so simply load up any game mode and get grinding those levels.

Best Tundra build for Cold War

There’s an easy way to make a great quick scoping loadout for the Tundra.


  • Muzzle: Stabilizer .308
  • Barrel: 28.2 Tiger Team
  • Magazine: 7 Rnd
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic
  • Stock: Raider Pad

This loadout is perfect for quick scoping as it provides a balance of both speed and damage. This means its ADS time is quick enough to take out enemies in an instant, but it also won’t trouble you with constant hit markers when you land a shot.

For the muzzle, the Stabilizer .308 is your best bet. It’s the first attachment you unlock and it provides immediate control over your idle sway, aka a CoD sniper’s worst enemy after ADS speed. Getting a slight handle on that is worth it at the end of the day, not just for the Tundra, but for almost every sniper in BOCW.

With the barrel, you’ll want to use the 28.2 Tiger Team, this will ensure you won’t have to worry about any hit markers as it increases the weapon’s damage and fire rate by 20%. Although the barrel decreases the weapon’s ammo capacity, it’s a worthy trade-off to be able to one-tap your opponents.

Now, for the handle, the Airborne Elastic is perfect for the Tundra as it mitigates a lot of the weapon’s flaws. For one, it provides 12% ADS time which is essential for the gun as it is extremely slow without the correct attachments. As well as this, the Elastic Wrap’s 90% flinch resistance is key when taking on players head-to-head with the weapon.

The Tundra is still a formidable weapon in BOCW, despite handling heavier than the Pelington.

You’ll also want a 7 Rnd mag on the Tundra. Although this attachment doesn’t provide anything special it’s one of the few magazines that doesn’t add any serious setbacks to the weapon and the extra ammo will always be helpful while quick scoping.

The last thing you’ll need for this set-up is the Raider Pad stock. This boosts the aforementioned sprint-to-fire time by 30% and also the aim walking movement speed by 40%.

Best Tundra setup (Perks & equipment)

LW3 Tundra setup
The perks will help maximize the Tundra’s kill potential.
  • Perk 1.:Tactical Mask
  • Perk 2: Gear Head
  • Perk 3: Ghost
  • Secondary: M1911
  • Wildcard: Law Breaker
  • Field Upgrade: Field Mic
  • Tactical: Stimshot
  • Lethal: Semtex

Just like most Black Ops Cold War loadouts in Season 3, our Tundra loadout utilizes both Tactical Mask, Gear Head, and Ghost. Tactical Mask reduces the duration of enemy tactical equipment, while Gear Head greatly decreases the cooldown time for Field Upgrades.

This ensures you have plenty of opportunities to put down your Field Mic, which will help you spot your next target. The Ghost perk will come as no surprise either as it will ensure you’re kept off of enemy Spy Planes.

Lastly, both the Stimshot and Semtex will help you catch any pesky campers and ensure you have added survivability when things get a little dicey.

Alternative Tundra loadout

Pelington Black Ops Cold War
The Pelington is a great alternative to the Tundra.

While the Tundra may be incredibly deadly, the Pelington is still a great choice in Black Ops Cold War Season 3. This Sniper Rifle features a fast rechambering animation, good damage, and great range. Not only is it a good alternative to the Tundra, but you’ll also be able to pick up plenty of close-range kills with it.

If you want to use the Pelington and need a Cold War build, then be sure to check out our Pelington loadout guide.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a powerful Tundra loadout that’ll help you dominate your online matches. Keep it locked to Dexerto for more Black Ops Cold War weapon loadouts.

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