Best Bruen Mk9 MW3 loadout: Class setup, attachment, perks

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Bruen Mk9 LMG in Modern Warfare 3.

This Bruen Mk9 loadout in MW3 transforms this typically sluggish weapon into a surprisingly agile primary weapon that can compete against assault rifles and LMGs alike.

The Bruen Mk9 is a surprisingly versatile weapon that can effectively be used like an AR. However, unlike most assault rifles, it has unbelievable range making the Bruen one of the strongest weapons in MW3 Season 3.

This is the best Bruen Mk9 loadout to use and get the most out of this highly adaptable light machine gun, turning it into an LMG-AR hybrid that thrives in medium-range gunfights.


Best Bruen Mk9 MW3 loadout


  • Barrel: 23″ EXF Foresight Barrel
  • Optic: MORS Red Dot
  • Stock: Lane-56 Stock
  • Underbarrel: XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag

The main strength of the Bruen Mk9 is that it’s an LMG that can be built for mobility and handling. To take advantage of this you must use the 60 Round Mag. It is one of the best attachments in Modern Warfare 3 as it boosts ADS speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and movement speed with very few downsides.

To further improve mobility it’s recommended to also equip the 23″ EXF Foresight Barrel and XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop. When combined these give the Bruen movement speed not dissimilar to an assault rifle letting you move around in a way that just isn’t possible with other LMGs.

Using these three attachments has no real impact on the Breun Mk9’s damage output or effective range. By using this exact loadout you get the punchiness of an LMG and the mobility and handling of an assault rifle. It is a fantastic build that is competitive even in the sweatiest lobbies.

Rounding off this class is the Lane-56 Stock which lowers recoil to keep the Bruen Mk9 accurate, especially when trying to extend out its effective range. Finally, the MORS Red Dot added in Season 3 is the new best optic that you’ll want to be using on the majority of your loadouts.

Bruen Mk9 light machine gun in MW3's gunsmith preview with no UI.
The Bruen Mk9’s unexpected mobility makes it one of the best LMG-AR hybrids in Modern Warfare 3.

Best Bruen Mk9 MW3 class: Perks & equipment

  • Vest: Infantry Vest
  • Gloves: Commando Gloves
  • Boots: Lightweight Boots
  • Gear: Ghost T/V Camo
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade

Since this Bruen Mk9 loadout is fairly mobile you should use perks that benefit that like the Infantry Vest. This vest lets us move around faster by regularly refreshing Tactical Sprint and reducing its cooldown. This combines well with the Lightweight Boots which boosts movement speed making you extremely fast.

To truly maximize mobility you will also want to use the Commando Gloves which let you reload while sprinting. Similar to Gung-Ho in previous CoD games, this is effectively a must-use perk if you want to play as fast as possible without getting caught out reloading.

Ghost T/V Camo is always a strong option as without it you will show up on enemy UAVs and have a hard time moving around the map without being noticed. Since this loadout doesn’t use a suppressor this is less about being stealthy and more about getting into power positions where the Bruen Mk9 can dominate.

For equipment, a Flash Grenade is ideal for blinding enemies and giving yourself a huge advantage in a gunfight you may have otherwise lost. Partner that with a classic Frag Grenade that can be cooked to explode at just the right moment with some practice leaving enemies with no chance of escaping.

How to unlock the Bruen Mk9 in Modern Warfare 3

The Bruen Mk9 is unlocked after reaching Level 31 by playing multiplayer or Zombies. After unlocking the Bruen Mk9 you will have to work through 20 gun levels to acquire all of its unique attachments.

Best Bruen Mk9 alternative in Modern Warfare 3

The Pulemyot 762 with the JAK Annihilator Bullpup Kit equipped serves as another fantastic LMG-AR hybrid that offers assault rifle-level handling and the suppression and damage expected of a light machine gun.

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