Aydan & IceManIsaac claim Warzone is doomed thanks to “pathetic” updates

. 11 months ago
Warzone Aydan IceManIsaac
Aydan / Activision / IceManIsaac

Warzone creator IceManIsaac has criticized the game for its “pathetic” lack of meaningful updates, arguing that it’s making the “same mistakes” as Fortnite – and Aydan agrees.

The hit Call of Duty battle royale title Warzone is one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time, regularly appearing at the top of Twitch and drawing everyone from casual to hardcore players in with its free-to-play action.

But over the last few months, the game has been plagued by cheaters and hacking issues, and many top stars have begun speaking out about their concerns with the game. Some have even made the jump to other titles like Apex Legends.

Warzone gameplay
Clash will have you fighting in big team battles across Verdansk.

NRG’s IceManIsaac shared his own thoughts about Warzone in a series of tweets on August 8, arguing that not enough has changed over the past year-and-a-half and that cheating isn’t the game’s only problem.

“Warzone has been out for 513 days and we still have the same map, no streamer mode, no reconnect feature, no competitive, and the same broken mechanics since day one,” he wrote.

“Stop acting like lack of an anti-cheat is the only thing holding this game back. These are basic features and quality of life updates. It’s pathetic coming from a AAA studio. Zero communication on top of everything.”

Isaac went on to share his thoughts about the lack of long-demanded features like streamer mode and new maps, suggesting that Warzone devs are doing a “content drip” until Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite are released.

“Once the competition arrives they’ll pick up the pace,” he wrote, “but by then the masses are committed to leaving. Fortnite and Apex made the same mistake and Warzone [is] headed down the same path.”

With many players already jumping ship from Warzone, Isaac’s not alone in his predictions about the fate of the battle royale.

Warzone superstar Aydan showed his agreement with a simple “+1 brotha” tweet in response.

Many popular streamers and content creators have weighed in on the Warzone debate now. While some believe the game is going to die off, others have a different opinion.

JGOD recently stated that Warzone is “not even close to dead” but revealed that he wishes it was, as there might be “more urgency from Activision” to fix the problems that many players have complained about.

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