JGOD claims Warzone “isn’t even close” to dying, but wishes it was

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A fierce debate over the state of Warzone continues to rage in the lead-up to Season 5, but while content creator ‘JGOD’ isn’t buying into the doom and gloom narrative, he argues that the game might be better off if it was on its last leg.

Despite the imminent launch of Season 5, Warzone’s typical hype cycle has been largely replaced with an exodus of players and content creators as the game continues to struggle under the burden of a near-insurmountable number of cheaters.

In the final weeks of Season 4, massive Warzone figures like Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff and Timothy ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar ditched the CoD battle royale for the less cheater-infested pastures of Apex Legends, cutting viewership for Activision’s BR on Twitch by tens of thousands.

Even as many others followed suit, Warzone wizard JGOD revealed his plans to weather the storm and stick with the BR. Now, while arguing that Call of Duty’s battle royale isn’t really dying, he also revealed it might be better off in the long run if those claims were true.

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The hype for Warzone Season 5 has been thrown off as many prominent streamers switched to other games.

In his YouTube video, JGOD got right to the point: whether or not Warzone is, in fact, a dying game. “No, it’s not even close to dead,” he began, then put an unexpected spin on his response: “[But] I wish it was getting very close to [dying].”

That statement was likely shocking to many of his fans, so he then clarified “there would be more urgency from Activision [if the game was dying],” referring to the publisher’s slow response to the rampant cheating issues that drove many other creators away.

JGOD backed up his claim that Warzone isn’t dying by pointing out the massive number of casual players who never even run into cheaters because of skill-based matchmaking. “Most of the time, they don’t even [notice] cheaters,” he revealed.

The YouTuber also shared what he believes could be Warzone’s true Achilles Heel: a lack of new content. “There’s a huge content drought when it comes to Warzone,” he continued, and clarified that “people are getting burnt out because it’s literally the same [content] over and over.”

JGOD pointed to Fortnite and Apex Legends as two prime examples of how a BR can keep its player base engaged, and argued that their frequent map changes, free updates, and exciting in-game events offer much more to players than Warzone does.

Despite those gripes, JGOD confirmed that he still enjoys hopping on the game daily. “I enjoy Warzone a lot,” the creator said, and reiterated that he has no plans to stop pumping out the brand of content that players have come to rely on.

As he closed out the video, JGOD reiterated his feelings on the state of his choice BR: “I don’t think Warzone is even close to dead, [but] I wish it was closer so [Activision] could be more urgent [with fixing those issues].”