Call of Duty Vanguard devs remove Secrets of the Pacific after nonstop crashes

Alec Mullins
Vanguard secrets of the Pacifici in-game event
Sledgehammer Games

Secrets of the Pacific is a preview window into the upcoming Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone integration, but Sledgehammer has temporarily disabled the event due to its effect on the game. 

The waters were rough for Sledgehammer Games’ newest in-game event.

Secrets of the Pacific was intended to allow players to complete challenges in order to earn in-game items connected to the upcoming Caldera Warzone map, as well as Vanguard’s Season one.

It’s not clear what went wrong inside of the game, but players were reporting a higher number of crashes than usual in the minutes leading up to the announcement.

Secrets of the Pacific removed from Call of Duty Vanguard

call of duty warzone secrets of the pacific event
The Vanguard x Warzone crossover event got off to a disastrous start with players instantly noting the issues in the update.

This new Warzone-teaser event was only live for a short time before being pulled from the game entirely.

It only took 11 minutes for Sledgehammer to move from investigating the issue to disabling the event as a whole.

The devs commented on the swift change, saying: ” We’re disabling the Secrets of the Pacific event while we squash this bug.”

In response to Sledgehammer’s tweet, one user brought up the instant damage the event had done to the game.

“I have gotten a error/blue screen 9 times now within 30 mins on the ps5… This is ridiculous.”

Sledgehammer has confirmed that anyone who was in the process of completing the challenges will retain their progress when it comes back online, but there’s no timetable for when that will be.

The only part of the event that survived the shut-off is the 2XP multiplier, so if you’re looking to climb the ranks, no would be a good time to hit the ground and start leveling up.