6 key things Warzone Pacific needs with Vanguard integration

Jacob Hale
Warzone pacific map

Warzone is going to look completely different before long, with Vanguard bringing with it Warzone Pacific and the brand new Caldera map. But what needs to be done to make the game even bigger and better than before?

Warzone has become one of the most popular games on the planet since it launched in March 2020. Despite various complaints from the player base, it’s got a dedicated core of users that will always opt to play it above anything else.

That said, there are clear improvements that can be made to offer players a better experience, and deter them from searching for greener grass in rival titles such as Apex Legends.

So, what needs to be addressed, changed, or added to make Warzone Pacific greater than it’s ever been before once Caldera arrives? Here is our list of must-haves.

Warzone pacific planes
Warzone Pacific will be the first large-scale change to the entire game.

Ranked playlist

A ranked playlist is long overdue in Warzone. While most top competitive games and its rival battle royale titles all house their own variations on a ranked playlist, Warzone has neglected to create one.

This isn’t new to Call of Duty, though, with competitive fans in the multiplayer game often frustrated by the ranked modes provided, if at all. Perhaps developers Raven will listen to their players and use Iron Trials as the blueprint for a functional ranked mode in Warzone.

Major audio fixes

Audio has been a nonstop source of frustration ever since Warzone was first launched. You’ll often hear loud gunshots from miles away, while enemy footsteps can randomly be suspiciously quiet even without Dead Silence.

Few players would be upset with an audio overhaul in Warzone to make things more precise. Better yet, a wider variety of audio options could help players finetune their settings to their exact taste. Want to hear enemy footsteps but not be deafened by the plane at the start of the match? Let’s fix that.

Firing range

One feature that Warzone players have been desperate for is a firing range to test out weapons, attachments, and various loadouts.

While competing BRs have options allowing players to test before they drop into a real match, Warzone doesn’t. Of course, you could just hop into Plunder, but it would be nice to go in and test guns out without also having to worry about getting beamed out of the sky above Storage Town.

More accurate gun stats

C58 Black Ops Cold War gun
Could weapon stats be more precise for players?

While you do get a general idea of what attachments do in Warzone, more often than not you end up having to rely on the likes of JGOD and TrueGameData to provide the real stats and value of different attachments or builds.

A system that allows players to see more precise values for each attachment when adding it to their loadout would make building meta classes even easier, but not only that, it could also help expand the meta as it makes clear how many weapons and loadouts are viable.

Console improvements — FOV Slider & crossplay

Console players will be hoping for some major changes to come with Warzone Pacific. While the RICOCHET anti-cheat should be pretty effective in preventing cheaters, few would complain about a console-only crossplay, almost entirely wiping out hackers.

Not only that, but a FOV slider would be more than welcomed by console players. While PC users can whack their FOV up to 120, console is locked at 80, reducing visibility and offering a less visually appealing experience to players. Vanguard and Cold War had FOV sliders, so could Warzone get one too?

Field Upgrade changes

Field Upgrades have been in a strange place throughout Warzone’s lifespan. Dead Silence and Stopping Power are massively divisive, with many even wanting them gone completely.

On the flip side, though, the other Field Upgrades are almost irrelevant by comparison. Trophy Systems have their place, but they’ll always be dropped in favor of Stopping Power and Dead Silence. Besides that, major changes to Field Upgrades will need to take place to make them more evenly used by players.

new warzone caldera map
Field Upgrades could benefit from major changes in the new Caldera map.

Warzone Pacific is set to be the first major change to Warzone ever since it launched. While the Cold War integration made a few small changes to the map and introduced new weapons to the game, the Vanguard integration is completely changing things up.

While there’s plenty for players to be excited about — including the much-discussed RICOCHET anti-cheat — there are several changes Raven could make to truly revolutionize the game.

The question is, will they make any of them?