Warzone lobby size could get even bigger than 120 according to developer

Declan Mclaughlin
Warzone players pushing another squad in Ranked Play.

The developers behind Warzone announced in the Season 4 patch notes that lobby sizes are increasing and said the game could change even more depending on how things play out.

Warzone players have been begging the devs to increase the lobby size for the game as time has gone on. When the game first launched in 2019, 150-player lobbies were the norm.

200-player lobbies were even implemented for special limited-time modes.

The 120-player lobby update, however, has split the community with some saying it could increase the amount of cheaters in each match.

But the developers aren’t going to decide on whether they would like to increase the size of lobbies based on player opinion.

In a recent interview one of the executives at Activision Publishing, Chris Plummer who is the senior vice president and co-head of mobile, explained that they make changes like this based on hard data from matches, like how people are playing when the amount of people in a server increases.

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This same sentiment was laid out in the Season 4 patch notes, with the developer saying it has changed a lot of Warzone’s system to accommodate the lobby count increase, and is ready to make more.

“Player feedback continues to indicate a desire for more action. So with that in mind, we have made the necessary changes to accommodate a higher player count without disrupting the delicate balance we have worked hard to achieve,” said a statement in the patch notes.

This time around, these adjustments have been primarily focused on redeploy mechanics and our match economy… As always, our team will be carefully monitoring internal data as well as external player feedback – and adjustments will be made where necessary as we move forward.”

If players respond well to the change, and the internal data trends in the right direction, the Warzone developers are more than up for increasing the lobby size.

In that same interview, the Activision executive also stressed that they still can have massive player lobbies but actively chose to keep the count low based on player feedback and gameplay expectations.

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