Warzone 2 Ranked: What ranks can you play with?

Warzone 2 operators in Ranked modeActivision

Warzone 2 ranked has proven to be a big hit among competitive players and those looking for a little more from their Call of Duty battle royale experience, but with limitations on which ranks can play together, here’s who you’re allowed to play with based on your rank in the game.

Ranked was one of the most highly-requested features in Warzone ever since it launched, especially in Verdansk when the player base was at its peak and trying to prove their ability in a more competitive environment.

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The devs finally answered players’ prayers in the Season 3 Reloaded update in May 2023, when Treyarch was brought on to introduce Ranked Play to the game, emulating the format from Modern Warfare 2’s popular ranked mode in multiplayer.

While you’re grinding up from Bronze to Iridescent, though, you might realize you’re unable to play with certain players, and that may be due to your teammate’s ranks. Here’s how it works.

Warzone 2 ranked permissions

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play ranksActivision
The ranks in Warzone 2 are the same as Modern Warfare 2.

Here’s who you can play with in Warzone 2 ranked, based on your current rank:

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  • Bronze – Platinum: Can party up without any restrictions
  • Diamond: Can party up within 2 Skill Divisions
  • Crimson – T250: Can party with players within 1 Skill Division

So, if you’re at a significantly higher (or lower) rank than your friends or teammates, there might be some struggles to always team up, but by and large, there shouldn’t be that much discrepancy between people who play together regularly.

Naturally, there will be instances where you end up playing in ranked games against all different ranks, whether you’re Bronze or Iridescent. While it can be frustrating, especially if your opponents are ranked significantly higher, this shouldn’t happen too often.

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