Tommy Fury says he’s got “bigger” fights than Jake Paul despite rematch agreement

Connor Bennett
Tommy Fury and Jake Paul side by side in black shirt

Tommy Fury has cast doubt on a possible rematch with Jake Paul, suggesting that his next fight will be “bigger” than his clash with the YouTuber.

At the end of February, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul settled their long-standing beef as they finally settled into the boxing ring in Saudi Arabia. Despite Jake’s promise of a victory, it was Tommy who scored the win via split decision – even though he was knocked down in the seventh round. 

Since then, there has been plenty of talk about a rematch and them doing it again. Jake, naturally, wants to get his win back, and there have been reports of the pair preparing to fight again in July.

However, it appears as if Tommy has plans to do something different before then, as he’s cast a bit of doubt over the rematch happening as soon as this summer. 

Tommy Fury casts doubts on Jake Paul rematch being next

The undefeated Brit appeared on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM on March 25 to talk about the fight and, naturally, he was quizzed on the much talked about plans for a rematch. 

“I’m down for the rematch, I’d fight him tomorrow, there’s no issue,” Tommy said. “But, does he want it now? I’m not so sure. Even with that, he was the one barking up the hill but I’m sitting on the top of that hill now, so it’s my call. 

“There’s a lot of meetings going on this week about potential fights but, believe you and me, the next fight I take will be bigger than Jake Paul.”

Since that win over Jake, Tommy has been ranked as the 39th-best Cruiserweight and could start climbing up those ranks if he chooses to. 

If he does choose to fight again soonish, that would scupper any plans for a fight with Jake in July, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.