Jake Paul wants Tommy Fury rematch before KSI bout

Virginia Glaze
Jake Paul wants Tommy Fury rematch before KSI bout

YouTube star Jake Paul says he wants his rematch with Tommy Fury before taking any other fights — and that seems to include his highly-anticipated bout with longtime rival KSI.

Jake Paul has taken the first loss in his boxing career, falling to British rival Tommy Fury by split-decision on Sunday, February 26.

Luckily, he’ll have the chance to run it back thanks to a rematch clause in his contract — but thus far, it’s unclear when these two will face off again.

Many fans are eyeing Paul’s long-awaited fight with KSI, which both parties initially penned for December 2023… but it’s looking like the Jake vs Tommy rematch might throw a wrench in those plans.

Jake Paul wants Tommy Fury rematch for next fight

Jake spoke out on his upcoming fights in an episode of ‘BS w/ Jake Paul‘ on March 1, where he claimed he hopes to touch gloves with Fury before taking on any other opponents.

“Obviously there’s still so many names out there for me to fight,” he said. “I wanna do the rematch with Tommy, but I think all those fights are still there and still massive.”

“You don’t know which one you’re leaning towards?” big bro Logan asked.

“I think the rematch,” Jake answered. “I gotta go get that back.”

“You wanna do that first?”

“Yeah. Run it back,” he confirmed.

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It’s worth noting that KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, has claimed that Jake Paul vs KSI might not even happen if Jake takes the rematch with Fury and loses, and hopes to schedule the bout this summer to give the rematch room to breathe for winter.

For now, it’s not clear who Jake will take on next, but fans are certainly antsy as they await another fight announcement in the near future.