Jake Paul discusses Tommy Fury loss, promises he’ll “be back” soon

Jake Paul Tommy Fury lossInstagram/JakePaul

After losing to Tommy Fury, Jake Paul has a message for those who think his first loss spells the end of the YouTuber-turned-boxer, with Paul promising that he will come back from this loss and return better than ever.

Jake Paul’s loss to Tommy Fury via split decision has been making headlines across the world, with the hotly anticipated match and rivalry finally culminating in the ring. 

Despite copping his first loss ever in his boxing career, Jake Paul was in good spirits after the match, with the content creator promising to come back and continuing fighting.

Jake Paul says boxing is the “best job in the world”

“Well s***”, began Jake Paul in a post-fight video update. “I didn’t think I’d ever have to make one of these videos but s*** happens I guess. This is still the best job in the world, thank you all for the support. It was an amazing event and I’ll be back no worries.”

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Similarly, Tommy Fury had his own thoughts on their fight immedately after stepping out of the ring, with the boxer praising Paul’s performance

“No listen Jake Paul is a tough guy…he delivered but at the end of the day I’m levels above him and when the rematch gets made, you’ll see a lot better fight. There was a lot of pressure going into this match, my little girl was born three weeks ago so I had to deal with that but I’m here now with a win.”

And while a rematch between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul is well and truly on the cards, KSI seems interested in getting his hands on Jake Paul before Fury get’s his second shot. However, time will tell who Jake Paul’s next opponent is.

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