Logan Paul gives Jake an ultimatum for Tommy Fury rematch if he loses again

Logan paul in yellow shirt talking into WWE micYouTube: WWE

Logan Paul took a sly dig at his brother Jake during his recent appearance on WWE Monday Night RAW, suggesting he’d have to change his name if he loses in the boxing ring again. 

Even though Jake Paul and Logan had a heated rivalry once upon a time, the brothers have been pretty supportive of each other over the last few years.

Logan has shown up to pretty much all of Jake’s fights, even bizarrely trash-talking Tommy midway through the fight back in February, and Jake even backed up Logan during his WWE title match in Saudia Arabia. 

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While they’re on pretty good footing these days, they have still taken some swipes at each other – accidentally more than anything. Though, Logan played it up again during his most recent appearance on WWE Monday Night RAW.

Logan Paul takes sly swipe at Jake Paul during WWE Raw

The imPaulsive podcast host, who has taken to the world of professional wrestling like a natural, didn’t mention his brother by name but seemed to take a sly swipe at him as mentioned the highly-anticipated rematch with Tommy Fury. 

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“I say, if he loses his next fight, he changes his last name,” Logan said to his dad, Greg, as the pair appeared from their locker room during WWE Raw. 

“We can’t have another Paul losing a fight,” Logan added, with his dad being all about it. “He’s got to win the fight,” Greg added.

There have been some indications that Jake and Tommy will fight again, especially as he appears to be ducking KSI, with the rematch apparently being targeted to happen in July. Though, that hasn’t been confirmed just yet. 

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Jake and Tommy tried to settled on a “winner takes all” for their last fight, and Jake also wanted Tommy to drop Fury as his last night, but it remains to be seen if they’ll throw anything similar like that on top of their fight next time around.

Though, Logan and his dad clearly have some ideas.

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