Best Battlefield 4 maps: Multiplayer maps ranked


With Battlefield 2042 soon upon us, let’s look back at some of the best Battlefield 4 maps and which were the most iconic.

Battlefield 4 held its own against the annual Call of Duty releases, offering its own flavor of modern warfare instead of jumping on the futuristic bandwagon. Battlefield 4’s best maps provided settings that were realistic but exciting. Each was a potential warzone that wasn’t too far removed from real life, and that believability made each one feel authentic and grounded.

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What Battlefield 4’s best maps gave players was an alternative to rocket boots and jetpacks. Instead, it delivered a believable modern warfare simulator that’s still enjoyed by players today. Let’s look at the 10 best Battlefield 4 maps from the game’s multiplayer.

Battlefield 4 original bannerEA
Battlefield 4 remains a popular title today.

10. Dawnbreaker

What makes the Dawnbreaker map iconic is its setting. Combat begins with the sun rising which creates some interesting moments not seen in other PvP maps. If it wasn’t for this unique dimly lit ‘pistols at dawn’ feel, Dawnbreaker may risk being just another generic urban map. But Battlefield 4 players have a lot of love for Dawnbreaker, and the map has more character than it received credit for when the game was originally released.

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9. Operation Locker

The Gulag isn’t the only PvP prison in town, Battlefield 4’s Operation locker also offers a confined but addictive prison setting where players can put their skills to the test. Survival in Operation Locker doesn’t last long due to the arena’s claustrophobic surroundings, but those hardened by the Gulag may fair slightly better than most.

8. Golmud Railway

Golmund railway gameplayDICE / EA
Golmud Railway is where a lot of players cut their teeth in Battlefield 4.

This arena is the everyman’s map, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor areas for players to explore. Players can control and protect a structure, then fend off an assault from opposing teams. Or enjoy a free-for-all with some players taking advantage of the many vehicles on offer to get around the vast open spaces. This is an excellent map for players to hone their skills and prepare for more difficult maps.

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7. Flood Zone

Battlefield 4’s Flood Zone map is unforgettable. As the name suggests, players are knee-deep in water, and this alone makes the map memorable. There are simply no other maps like it in gaming. While there are maps that feature heavy rainfall, none of them go to this extreme. The good news is despite the water, the map doesn’t bog players down. Most of Flood Zone’s flooding is cosmetic, but it certainly creates an atmosphere of panic and desperation that adds to the high-octane combat.

6. Hainan Resort

The holiday destination from hell, the Hanan Resort is set in a coastal vacation spot turned warzone. Much of the map is exposed as the region isn’t designed for combat, but this just makes it even tenser for the player. Those who learn the lay of the land and embrace stealth are most likely to survive. Everyone else is likely to just end up dead in the sand.

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5. Lancang Dam

The Lancang Dam is another iconic Battlefield 4 map and one we hope DICE brings back in Battlefield 2042, or another future Battlefield game. The map offers the best of both worlds, wide-open spaces, and tight dark corridors.

Those who take the time to familiarize themselves with the area will reap the rewards. Playing against 63 opponents in a Deathmatch can be incredibly fun, despite the map being unforgiving at times. But battling an opposing team for control of the Dam is also a superb PvP experience that all online-shooter fans should try.

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4. Rogue Transmission

rogue transmission mapDICE / EA
Rogue Transmission resembles classic maps from older FPS titles.

The structure on this map reminds us of the Bond movie Goldeneye or the classic map from the N64 game of the same name. The Rogue Transmission map suckers new players into its huge radar array area, where they are then picked off by opportunistic experienced players. These players are then unlikely to repeat this mistake, which results in some strategic cat and mouse gameplay.

3. Siege of Shanghai

The Siege of Shanghai is perhaps the most well-known Battlefield 4 map as it was the one also shown off during the game’s beta. That means that those who enjoyed the map went on to purchase Battlefield 4 and were already familiar with it. The map combines classic urban warfare with sea travel.

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It also had a notorious underground area that many players rarely walked out of. The map arguably used the Battlefield’s destruction mechanics more than any other, due to players being able to destroy the map’s central tower. Those who did so will remember it well.

2. Paracel Storm

A dangerous but beautiful tropical paradise, the Paracel Storm map offers a fun selection of waterways for players to traverse, in fact, this is the only way to move around the different areas. But be warned, players who do hop onto nautical vehicles are exposed and vulnerable – and more experienced players know this and will take full advantage.

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1. Zavod 311

Zovod 311 gameplayDICE / EA
Zovod reminds players what it’s like to lose.

Zavod is just the ultimate Battlefield 4 playground. The setting is a battered old Soviet munitions factory where tanks and other Cold War machinery lie abandoned. The map is an eery reminder that even the most powerful of regimes can fall from a few strategic missteps. Not only does this give players something to ponder while they play, but it also serves as motivation for their survival.

The map offers a variety of fun hiding places and is large enough for players to slip past opponents and plan ambushes behind enemy lines. The strategic possibilities are endless for players in Zavod 311, which is why the map remains popular

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So, there you have it – the best multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4.

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