How to recruit all companions in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Baldur's Gate 3 companions

Baldur’s Gate 3 companions will add vital spells and skills to your party, but finding all of them can be a challenge. So, here’s how to get a hold of them in the game, as well as their classes to ensure you choose the best one to suit your playstyle.

With ten different companions to find and recruit in Baldur’s Gate 3, your roster can quickly become overwhelming. However, finding all the available companions is even more intense, causing many players to look in every direction and take every battle with caution to ensure they don’t accidentally fight or kill an available companion.

So, here’s how to grab every companion in the game so you can fall in love with them, explore the world, or use them in battle.

If you want to know more about these companions, including their class, take a look at our guide.


Baldur's Gate 3 Astarion
This guy banged a bear but he won’t bang you…


You’ll find Astarion on the west side of the first main map, just after you crash-land onto the beach. Head to the southwest of the roadside cliffs, near the wreck and you should see him asking for help.

He’ll ask you to help destroy one of those ‘brain things’ he saw you kill. As soon as you help, or tell him to do it himself, he’ll threaten you with a blade. It’s quite easy to break out and calm the situation. Shortly after, your minds will link and you can begin traveling together.


Shadowheart, is surprisingly easy to miss if you prefer to get straight to the quest objective, or if you aren’t too sure how to solve the puzzle.

She’s stuck in one of the Mind Flayer pods on the Nautiloid, if you stop to help her, you’ll need to find a key, which is found in a Reliquary Chest through a nearby door. When you have the Eldritch Rune, head to the terminal next to the pod and use your newfound Illithid powers to open the cage. She’ll be free and will travel with you until you fall from the ship. Then, just to your right, she’ll be laying there unconscious. Help her again and you can recruit her.

However, if you decide not to save her, she will be available regardless after the prologue.


Gale Baldur's Gate 3
Gale isn’t as clumsy with magic as he seems to be when you first meet him.

Gale, is found near the Roadside Cliffs on the Ravaged Beach. Head towards that waypoint and you’ll see him stuck in the portal with his arm reaching for help.

Simply pull him out and he’ll thank you for your aid. Shortly after your minds will link and you can recruit him as a companion.

Remember that pulling Gale can be complicated depending on your dice rolls and what class you end up playing.


Thankfully, you won’t necessarily need to find Lae’zel, instead, she’ll find you.

Meeting her comes at the beginning of the game, in the first 20 minutes or so. As you’re navigating the Nautiloid you will need to exit the interior to go through an exterior route. As soon as you do this, she’ll jump out from her hiding place and insist you work together to escape. From then on, she’s your companion.

However, she will fall in trouble right after the Prologue. You can decide to free her and continue or you can leave her as it is.


You’ll be able to find Wyll, when you enter Druid’s Grove. Most will see him heroically fighting the Goblins at the gate, indicating he will likely be inside when you complete the battle.

Head into the Grove, and go to the Training Area, where Wyll will be training the other soldiers. Speak to him and he’ll explain a bit about himself. Shortly after chatting, you’ll be able to recruit him as your companion.


Karlach Baldur's Gate 3
Karlach has some fantastic skills to help you in battle.

It’s likely that you’ll find Karlach after finding Wyll. If this is the case, all you need to do is follow Wyll’s quest to hunt down the demon and you should come across her. She’s found on The Risen Road, raging by the side of the river.

Speak to her there, make your choice as to whether you destroy her enemies or not, and she will be available to join you as a companion, after telling you a brief tale of her background.


Along with Wyll, Halsin is first spoken about in the Druids Grove, as the leader of the Druids that reside there. However, he is lost after being taken by the Goblins.

If you choose to follow the Goblin questline, you’ll find yourself at that camp. Keep exploring until you find a bear trapped inside a cell. As soon as you start a combat with the Goblins tormenting that bear, it’ll break out and start fighting with you. Shortly after, it’s revealed to be Halsin. Follow the quest, chat with him after it’s all sorted, and he’ll join you as a companion before you head to the next main quest line.

Remember that if you decide to follow the Halsin questline, you will have to fight a lot of Goblins and it will be hard. Therefore, be prepared if you want him in your team.


Minthara is relatively easy to miss or in fact, destroy if you’re not careful. She’s one of the three Goblin Leaders you need to take down in the Goblin Camp. Speaking to her will allow you to side with the Goblins and raid the Druid Grove. If you do, she will eventually be on trial in the Moonrise Towers and you can recruit her there.

If you choose to not take on the Druid Grove, then you won’t be able to have her as a companion, so choose wisely.


Minsc Baldur's Gate 3
Minsc is a classic character who seems to be quite elusive.

Minsc is found relatively late into Baldur’s Gate 3, in Act 3. However, when you’re there, the first major step is to already have recruited Jaheira in the Last Light Inn. Once you do so, you’ll get her companion quest. Follow this and you’ll eventually find Minsc in the Counting Halls. Follow this quest and bring Jaheira along, it’ll give you a better chance to recruit this companion. It’s vital you keep Jaheira alive as her dying will stop you from recruiting Minsc.


As a veteran character in Baldur’s Gate, many players are keeping their eyes out for Jaheira. So, if you want to find her, you’ll need to keep your eye out around Moonrise Towers and the Last Light Inn.

When you get to the Last Light Inn, you can chat with Jaheira. She will likely ask you for aid in the upcoming battle at Moonrise Towers. It’s up to you whether you let her fight alongside you or lead the Harpers but either way, you must ensure her survival. If she survives, you can recruit her as a companion shortly after.

So there you have it, that’s how to get hold of every companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. While looking for your favorite, take a look at some of our other handy Baldur’s Gate 3 guides, builds, and more:

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