Seer hit with massive nerfs in Apex legends Dressed to Kill event

Apex Legends Seer bugRespawn Entertainment

Seer doesn’t come anywhere close to topping the Apex Legends pick rate list, but that didn’t stop Respawn from dishing out a string of punishing nerfs in the Dressed to Kill event.

Dressed to Kill, the first Apex Legends Season 17 event, reintroduces the Armed & Dangerous LTM and adds 24 collection cosmetics. The two-week event also adds a Horizon heirloom and makes balancing changes.

Every Legend went unscathed in the initial Season 17 update, as Catalyst, Mirage, and Ash all received slight buffs. A few class reworks highlighted a rather uneventful balancing list, with no Legend coming out worse for wear.

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The same can’t be said about the Dressed to Kill update, as Seer found himself on the wrong end of noteworthy downgrades.

All three Seer abilities nerfed in Dressed to Kill event

The Season 17 Apex Legends pick rate list shows that Seer boasts a measly pick rate of 2.2%. This ranks 17th among 24 Legends. Seer doesn’t jump off the page as a must-use hero, but a nerf to every ability means we probably won’t see him jump up that list any time soon.

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Seer users truly shine when they are able to reveal enemies to their teammates. That skill suffers a major blow in the latest update. Heart Seeker allows the Legend to Hear and visualize the heartbeats of nearby enemies when aiming down sights. The Passive ability saw a 15-meter decrease in range from 75 to 60.

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Focus of Attention is a blast that impairs and reveals the location of enemies through walls. This ability also saw its range decrease from 75 to 60 meters, and scan time reduced to 2.5 second instead of eight.

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As for Seer’s Ultimate ability, the Legend can only throw it 15 meters instead of 50, and its effectiveness of revealing enemies was reduced.

Seer saw his biggest strength downgraded, and on top of that, Respawn also removed the Legend’s heal and revive cancel.

For a full breakdown of the Seer nerfs, make sure to check out the Dressed to Kill patch notes.