Seer Heirloom revealed for Apex Legends Season 15 in Spellbound Collection Event

Seer heirloom Apex Legends Season 15Respawn Entertainment

The second collection event of Season 15 is coming on January 10, with the Spellbound event, and it finally brings Seer’s heirloom to Apex Legends.

Seer has been a controversial Legend since he was released in August of 2021. He was incredibly strong on release, and has received a hefty list of nerfs since his arrival.

However, that hasn’t kept players from locking in Seer. His pick rate was 4% at the end of Season 14, which is nothing to scoff at in comparison to a legend like Crypto who had a 1.3% pick rate. And those who still play Seer have something in store for them in Season 15: an heirloom.

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A new heirloom was speculated upon due to some datamining before the new season kicked off. And now, Respawn has unveiled his exclusive melee weapon officially.

Seer heirloom in Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ developers have been gradually working their way through the full Legend list and giving everyone an heirloom. However, they haven’t been going in the exact order of release date.

Valkyrie’s heirloom came in Season 13, while Loba’s came out in Season 14, for instance. Heirlooms aren’t being released in order of Legend release date, so it’s always a surprise when the character who’s receiving an heirloom gets announced.

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Although Horizon would technically be next in line, Seer has skipped the queue, with his ‘Showstoppers’ Heirloom.

As indicated by early leaks, Seer’s heirloom is indeed a sickle. Although it doesn’t have the silhouette a traditional sickle would have, it still has a long, curved blade with a short handle.

Not only that – Seer is in fact dual wielding this weapon, just like Pathfinder’s boxing gloves or Lifeline’s drumsticks.

The official reveal also showed some of the unique animations that Seer will flex in-game.

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You can check out more information on the Spellbound collection event here, which also brings back fan-favorite Control mode.