New Apex Legends map Tropic Island coming soon: details, leaks, release date & more

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 11 is around the corner, and a new map, Tropic Island, is in the works, according to leakers. Here’s everything we know so far, including how it will look, feel, and play.

Apex Legends originally launched with just one map, Kings Canyon.

However, the battle royale’s map pool has expanded exponentially since then. World’s Edge and Olympus have stolen the show. And now, reliable leakers Shrugtal revealed a fourth map called Tropic Island is coming in Apex Legends Season 11.

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The popular Apex insider discovered the first signs back in 2020, and now believes it’s finally coming to fruition in the upcoming season.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends’ next map will have a different theme compared to the previous ones.

Apex Legends Tropical Island map details

Muddy Trident Vehicles

Shrugtal revealed all the details in a video posted on August 23. He explained the map has been designed with vehicle movement in mind and pointed out a set of textures in the files built for a “Muddy Trident Vehicle.”

The muddy nature of the vehicle suggests the map will have a wet and muddy climate, which is no surprise given it’s called Tropical Island. It’s the first piece of evidence he has to support his claims, and it’s a solid one to boot.

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Apex Legends Tropical Island Muddy TridentRespawn / YouTube: Shrugtal
A closer look at the Muddy Trident Vehicle in Apex Legends.

AI Wildlife

He also found lines of code called”mp_rr_ai_wildlife” in a test map, and he believes it’s a clear sign that the developers are testing the implementation of AI wildlife on the Tropical Island map, which could happen on a “large scale.”

In his view, it will likely be a “persistent map feature and threat” to players. For example, you might need to defeat waves of giant spiders to access high-tier loot, which makes sense given that some appeared in the Apex Legends comics.

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Last but not least, he referred to a sound file he discovered called windy cliffside, and he believes it could mean parts of the map will have higher elevation. However, he concluded that it’s all speculation until more details come to light.

Apex Legends Tropical Island map in-game teaser

A new in-game teaser also shared a previously leaked image for the new Tropic Island map.

Not much was shown but it’s one of the first times Respawn directly referenced the new locale inside Apex Legends.

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New “Tropical Island” images leaked

According to YouTuber Thordan Smash, several in-game images of the new Tropic Island have been leaked online. These include new landmarks that may appear around the Apex Legends map, as well what appears to be a Prowler’s mound, and a slice of the new battleground’s mini-map.

Until these are confirmed by Respawn, take them with a hefty grain of salt.

Screenshot via Thordan Smash
The alleged Tropic Island leaks show a Prowler mound as one map landmark.
Screenshot via Thordan Smash
A storm can be seen coming in off the beach in the alleged Tropic Island images.
Screenshot via Thordan Smash
The Tropical Island leaks also appear to reveal a slice of the battleground’s mini-map.

Is Tropical Island in Gaea?

Shrugtal also mentioned that Tropical Island could take place on Gaea, the birthplace of Rampart, Caustic, and Crypto.

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It has been referred to multiple times in the comics and ties into a previous questline. So, there’s a good chance he’s right on the money.

When does the Tropical Island map release?

Apex Legends Season 11 is expected to start on November 2, exactly three months after Season 10 launched.

The Tropical Island map will release on the same date, assuming the leaks and rumors are true. But we won’t know for sure until it’s officially confirmed.