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What is ‘Tropics’ in Apex Legends? New map hints, leaks & more

Published: 19/Jul/2021 15:52

by Connor Bennett


With Apex Legends Season 10 on the horizon, a new map has once again been mentioned – Tropics – but will it appear in the new season? Here’s everything we know about it.

When Apex Legends first launched, it only came with one map – the OG version of Kings Canyon. However, since then, the battle royale’s map pool has expanded exponentially.

There have been copious amounts of changes to Kings Canyon, and it has also been joined by new maps in the form of World’s Edge and Olympus. Yet, there is plenty of the Apex universe to explore.

Other locations have been uncovered in Lore, sparking thoughts from fans about new maps, but as we edge closer to Season 10, it looks like the newest map will be known as Tropics.


Olympus in Apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Olympus was the latest map added to Apex Legends, but it sounds like lots more is planned.

Will Tropics release in Apex Legends Season 10?

The Tropics map was first referenced by leakers and data miners all the way back in Season 5, with some players suggesting that it would be released in Season 6. Of course, that didn’t happen.

Back then, the map was given the name “Tropic Island” but there wasn’t too much information to go off aside from that. Since then, though, it has been shortened to Tropics.

With World’s Edge on the verge of major changes – or even being destroyed altogether – some players believe that Tropics is coming in Season 10. Though, as of right now, that’s unknown. Respawn hasn’t really stuck to a set pattern for releasing maps, World’s Edge and Olympus came four seasons apart from each other, but maybe Season 11 holds the answer?


Worlds Edge map update Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
World’s Edge is set to undergo drastic changes, so could Tropics take its place?

New Tropics-themed Tridents

As of now, there haven’t been any drop spot names or images leaked, but dataminer Garret found that there are references to alien plants and a jungle in the game’s files. These are similar to the age-old mentions of spiders and other supposed PVE features that have never been released.

On top of that, the leaker also found that the map will have its own version of Tridents, just like the ones on Olympus. However, they’re going to have mud and dirt on them on the Tropics map.

Is Tropics actually Gaea?

As the leaker also notes, the previous in-game comments have referenced the planet Gaea as being inhabitable and being a place for the plants he’s uncovered to grow.


Gaea is the birthplace of Rampart, Caustic, and Crypto, but like with other character’s home planets, we are yet to see it in its true form.

Though, Tropics would likely be the name of the map, given that’s what’s in the files for the Tridents just how Olympus is. That map wasn’t hidden by a codename.

Could this mean that another map would be located on Gaea? And maybe we will see some slight look of it in comic? from ApexUncovered

A tropical, jungle-themed map wouldn’t be a first for Respawn either. Titanfall had maps such as Lagoon and Swampland that could easily match the vibe of what they’re going for.

Though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The map has been around for a few seasons and has yet to be released, so what harm is a few seasons more.