Apex Legends May 22 update patch notes: Wraith & Seer balancing, more

Ryan Lemay
Seer pick rate Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment released a minor Apex Legends update to address Legend balancing and adjust the lighting on World’s Edge.

Seer and Wraith avoided nerfs in the Apex Season 17 Legend balancing update, cementing their position as top choices. We ranked Seer as S-tier Legend due to his incredible power for tracking enemies and impressive ability to disrupt engagements.

Meanwhile, Wraith has consistently been one of the game’s best Legends since the release of Apex Legends, but the latest seasonal update caused a few issues. Players labeled the fan-favorite character as “completely bugged” after a visual glitch broke Wraith’s finisher.

This added to a growing list of hiccups plaguing Wraith this season, including shooting while knocked, smuggling guns in Fight Night, and other visual glitches. Respawn heard the complaints and provided a response.

Wraith Apex Legends
Wraith received a fix for an unfair glitch in the May 22 update.

Apex Legends May 22 patch notes

Here are the full May 22 patch notes.

  • Wraith can no longer use weapons while knocked
  • Brightness on World’s Edge has been adjusted
  • Seer can no longer track through Dark Veil with his ultimate (the team is reviewing other abilities as well)

Catalyst’s Ultimate ability raises a defense wall. Players can still shoot and use their abilities through it, but Dark Veil slows Legends and temporarily blinds them. Seer’s Ultimate, Exhibit creates a sphere that reveals the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.

The latest update prevents Seer from being able to track enemies through Dark Veil with Exhibit.

A community member asked: “Can we also take a look at a fix for Wraith being able to shoot in fight night?”

Pathfinder’s Fight Night is an oval amphitheatre with a boxing ring at its center. Entering the ring will prevent any player from using their weapons and any of their abilities. A glitch allowed Wraith to use an enemy while in the boxing ring.

Respawn responded: “A fix is in the works for this one!”

We will provide an update when the developers address other Wraith issues.