What Legends are in Apex Legends Mobile? Full roster & mobile-exclusive characters

Lauren Bergin
apex legends mobile bloodhound pathfinder and wrath champions screen

Apex Legends Mobile is out in the world, allowing players from across the globe to dive into the Outlands via their smartphone, but what characters can you play as? Here’s the full Legend roster.

With Apex Legends Mobile throwing open the gates to the Apex Games and allowing swathes of new players to join the fray, the game has proven to be quite the talking point post-launch.

As fans explore World’s Edge in the guise of exclusive Legend, Fade, there’s a whole roster of familiar faces from the base game to test out on your mobile adventures.

But what characters made the cut at launch? Here’s a breakdown of the current playable characters in Apex Mobile.


All Apex Legends Mobile characters: Full Legend roster

Apex Legends Mobile will have some characters that are not (and will not be) available in the base game. For ease, we’ve listed these first, followed by the classic Legends we know and love.

Apex Legends: Mobile-exclusive characters


apex legends mobile exclusive character fade cracks knuckles
Fade is Apex Mobile’s first exclusive Legend.

Utilizing the power of the Void and Octane-style speed to dart around the battlefield, Fade is Apex Legends Mobile’s first exclusive character.

Set to remain exclusive for the foreseeable future, the Phasing Punisher is a powerhouse in the right hands, tearing his foes asunder left, right, and center before they can even see him coming.

Apex Legends Mobile: Base game roster


apex legends bangalore with gun
Bangalore never misses out on a bullet-ridden party.

As her brother, Newcastle, dives headfirst into Apex Legends, Bangalore drops into Apex Mobile. With a familiar kit that features smoke grenades and sprints, she’s perfect for those trying out Apex for the first time – or veteran players who are getting to grips with mobile gameplay.

Unlocked as you level up, Bangalore is an essential part of any team and a handy pocket pick.


apex legends bloodhound with crow
It wouldn’t be an Apex game without the Technological Tracker themselves.

You can’t have the Apex Games without fan favorite Technological Tracker, Bloodhount. One of the most popular (and most powerful) characters in the base game, this non-binary hunter is a must-have for many teams due to their ability to pinpoint enemy movements.

Bloodhound is the first Legend you unlock in Apex Mobile, and you’ll test them out during your first game.


apex legends caustic
Bending chemistry to his will, Caustic can wipe out entire squads in one go.

Engulfing the Outlands in a sea of green, defensive Legends Caustic is a one-man army if utilized correctly. Perfect for players who prefer to play on the backline but also dish out damage, the chemist extraordinaire can be one of the game’s most lethal Legends.

Unlocked as you level up, Caustic is pretty high up the list; so if you want him, get ready to grind.


apex legends gibraltar
Gibby is one of Apex’s most beloved Legends.

Yet another defensive Legend, Gibraltar’s lovable personality contrasts entirely with Caustic’s. Blocking enemy attacks with his shield bubble, Gibraltar is all about keeping his allies safe no matter what the cost.

Again unlocked as you level up, we advise taking Gibby out for a spin if you’re a little bit newer to the game due to his relative simplicity.


apex legends lifeline making peace symbol while leaning on D.O.C drone
Lifeline is absolutely adorable – but don’t let her cuteness fool you.

Quirky combat medic, Lifeline, is up there with Bloodhound as one of Apex’s poster children. The fiesty support Legend is a great addition to any team – especially for those who don’t get a kick out of charging straight into the fight.

Unlocked after your first game, Lifeline is not only beginner-friendly, but so much fun to play because of her fun-filled personality.


apex legends mobile mirage
Love him or hate him, you’ll see a lot of Mirage in Apex mobile.

Every girl’s dream (not), Mirage is a boastful damage dealer who uses distraction-based techniques to “bamboozle” enemies, sending them on a wild goose chase while he strikes from the backline. As your self-ordained guide in Apex Legends Mobile, you’ll be seeing an awful lot of the cocky hero – just try your best not to punch him.

Mirage can either be unlocked by leveling, or by logging in the day after your first login, making him easily accessible if deception is your playstyle of choice.


apex legends mobile octane with metal horns celebrating

Fast, furious, and feisty, daredevil extraordinaire Octane is the Outlands equivalent of Sonic the Hedgehog if he were edgier and on a few illicit substances. Capable of outrunning opponents with ease and bouncing away with his Launch Pads, Octane is perfect who like to live life in the fast lane.

Unlocked following the tutorial, you can take this chaotic character out for a spin from the get-go – and it’s a wild ride.


apex legends pathfinder shooting on a zipline
Want to fly on a zipline? Pathfinder is the Legend for you.

The jovial yet equally dangerous Pathfinder is an absolute joy to play, allowing you to zip around the battlefield on carefully places ziplines and assassinate your enemies from above. Whether or not you’re a fan of being at the heart of the action, we always recommend trying out the playful character because he’s just so much fun.

Unlocked as you progress through the levels, we recommend you take him for a spin – you may not win your game, but you’ll have a pretty damn good time.


apex legends wraith jumping out of void portal
Wraith was jumping through portals before it was cool.

While all eyes are on Fade and his portal jumping abilities, Wraith remains the OG void lurker. Boasting a high skill ceiling, the tortured Legend is quite the skirmisher, adept at taking down her enemies with almost surgical precision.

Unlocked as you level up, taming her isn’t an easy job, but boy is it worth it.

So that’s a rundown of Apex Legends Mobile’s roster – including the new Mobile-exclusive characters.

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