All Apex Legends Mobile exclusive skins: Lifeline, Octane, Mirage & more

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apex legends mobile poison caustic skin

Apex Legends Mobile brings our favorite Legends to handheld devices, and there’s a whole host of skins that are exclusive to the mobile game. 

Fans have asked and Respawn have answered: Apex Legends Mobile has arrived. As the game continues to trickle out across various regions, players have been impressed with how good it looks.

From flashy Legend select animations to all-new features players want added to the base game, Apex Legends Mobile appears to have it all – and that’s before we even get into the fact that there are some awesome unique cosmetics.

Offering players a whole range of cosmetics that aren’t available on PC and console, here’s a rundown of all of Apex Legends Mobile’s exclusive skins.


apex legends mobile wraith caustic and bangalore

All Apex Legends Mobile exclusive skins

Apex Legends Mobile has a vast array of unique skins for all of its different Legends. Below are all of the skins that are exclusive to the game, as well as the Legend they’re for.

Skins are ordered from Rare to Legendary, with Legendary being the highest tier.


Legend Skin Image 
Lifeline Bold Violet apex legends mobile bold violet lifeline skin
Lifeline Green Innocence apex legends green innocence lifeline skin mobile
Octane Hope apex legends mobile octane hope skin


Legend Skin Image
Bangalore Ruby Silver Armor apex legends mobile exclusive bangalore skin
Caustic Green Toxic Gas apex legends green toxic gas caustic skin mobile
Mirage Crimson Mask apex legends crimson mask mirage skin mobile
Mirage Golden Gear apex legends golden gear mirage skin mobile
Octane Metal Battery apex legends mobile metal battery octane
Pathfinder Hardline Pink apex legends mobile pathfinder skin
Wraith Colored Romance apex legends mobile colored romance wraith skin


Legend Skin Image
Bangalore Sparring Partner apex legends mobile sparring partner bangalore skin
Caustic Chemical Experts apex legends mobile exclusive caustic skin
Caustic Poison apex legends mobile poison caustic skin
Lifeline Down for the Count apex legends down for the count lifeline skin
Lifeline Martial Malpractice apex legends martial malpractice lifeline skin
Pathfinder Blazing Knockout apex legends mobile blazing knockout pathfinder skin

Can you get Apex Legends Mobile skins on PC & console?

While Respawn hasn’t said anything on the subject, considering these are exclusive skins it seems unlikely that we’ll be able to get them in the base game as this would ruin their unique nature.

Of course, only time will tell if we see similar skins make it into the PC and console Apex Games, but for now assume that you’ll only be able to gaze at these new cosmetics from afar.

So that’s all of Apex Mobile’s exclusive skins and, in turn, which Legend you’ll be able to get them on. Looking to keep up with all things Apex Mobile? Be sure to check out our dedicated Apex Legends main page.

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