Who is Fade in Apex Legends Mobile? First mobile-exclusive Legend abilites & more

Fade apex legends mobileRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile is launching with a brand new Legend, never seen before in the console or PC version: Fade. Here’s everything you need to know about Fade on Apex Mobile, and his abilities.

Although it bears the Apex name, Apex Legends Mobile is totally separate from the main “HD” version from Respawn, with a separate development team too.

The devs on the mobile game are keen to make clear that they are unique from the HD version, and so are kicking off the global launch with their very own character: Fade.

We got the chance to check out Fade before the global launch of Apex Mobile on May 17, and he’s bound to be a fan favorite immediately for players, with abilities somewhat similar to Wraith.

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Who is Fade in Apex Legends?

Fade, real name is a member of a mercenary family, and the developers describe him as an “extremely aggressive mobility fighter” – he’s all about getting into the thick of the action and taking down the opposition with unrivaled mobility.

Fade bio in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Fade is joining the Apex Games to avenge his family.

His kit is designed specifically with the mobile experience in mind, so there should be no difficulty in executing his abilities as there could be with other Legends who have been ported over from the HD version of Apex.

But, he does use the same phase technology as Wraith, thanks to his suit – which he actually stole (or “salvaged”). You can check out his abilities below.

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Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Fade of course has a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability, and all are linked to his technologically advanced suit.

  • Passive: Slipstream – Fade gains a short movement speed boost at the end of his slide.
  • Tactical: Flashback – Fade’s suit rips him backwards through another dimension, phasing him to his previous location.
  • Ultimate: Phase Chamber – Fade throws an activator core from his suit. The resulting explosion phases everyone within the radius for a few seconds making them unable to deal or receive damage.
Fade's abilities in Apex Legends MobileRespawn Entertainment
Fade’s abilities focus on movement, and his Phase suit technology.

As an added bonus, Fade will receive a speed boost while he is affected by his Phase Chamber ultimate.

He is an assault class character, dubbed the “Phasing Punisher.”

Will Fade come to Apex Legends on PC & Console?

The short answer is no – there are no plans to bring Fade to console and PC, or any future mobile-exclusive Legends either.

The long answer is maybe, as the developers on Apex Legends Mobile didn’t rule out the possibility that at some point in the future. “It is a possibility in the future,” the developers explained, “but he is developed for mobile. If he ends up on PC then that’s fantastic.”

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So, for now, there are no plans for mobile-exclusive Legends to be playable on PC or console, but Respawn isn’t ruling it out totally for some point in the future.

That’s everything we know about Fade in Apex Legends Mobile. You can try him out for yourself when the game launches worldwide on iOS and Android on May 17.