NiceWigg says Apex Legends mobile is “torching” main game with better updates

100 Thieves/Respawn

100 Thieves star James ‘NiceWigg’ Martin believes Apex Mobile is “torching” the main Apex Legends game with some of the “crazy” updates that they’ve already pushed out.

Back in May, at long last, Apex Legends finally got into the mobile gaming market with the launch of Apex Legends Mobile. While players haven’t quite ditched the main battle for it just yet, plenty of jealousy has boiled over.

For example, the mobile version of Respawn’s battle royale has a solo mode, team deathmatch, and a legend in the form of Fade that isn’t likely to ever appear in the main game. That doesn’t even cover the exclusive skins or character lore too.

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Plenty of fans have called for Respawn to take a few things from the mobile version – including upgrades to the firing range and stats for weapons – but that hasn’t happened just yet, leaving them wondering if it ever will.

NiceWigg believes Apex Legends mobile is “absolutely torching” main BR

100 Thieves’ NiceWigg is the latest to his lend his voice to the ongoing debate between the two games, with former ALGS competitor believing that the mobile game has a bit of a leg up over the main game.

“Mobile’s updates have been way better than normal Apex. Mobile has been absolutely torching normal Apex in updates,” the Apex Legends content creator said.

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“They have visual audio – which is pretty much like when there’s a footstep, there’s like an arrow pointing to where the footstep is. They got f**king solos, they lowkey have some crazy exclusive skins, they have some crazy f**king exclusive legends.”

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As noted, some of these things will always remain exclusive to the mobile experience, and while there are calls to add some other things, it might be a little difficult.

Respawn aren’t developing the mobile game, that is Tencent’s doing, so it’s not all being done under the same umbrella, despite the two sharing the name and universe. If calls for change really take off, the devs will likely consider some changes, but that’s a case of wait-and-see.

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