Will Apex Legends Mobile characters come to PC & console?

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Respawn have confirmed that they have no plans to bring Apex Legends Mobile exclusive characters like Fade to the game’s PC or console versions – but haven’t ruled it out entirely.

With Apex Legends Mobile finally out in the world, players from every corner of the Outlands are diving into the Apex Games in search of their next win.

Complete with new skins and flashy new select animations, all eyes are on new Legend, Fade. Debuting alongside the game, his appearance has left fans questioning whether or not we’ll ever see him (and other mobile-exclusive characters) make it into the PC and console versions.

So, will Respawn add Apex Legends Mobile characters into the base game? Or will we have to tune in on mobile to test them out? Here’s everything we know so far.

apex legends mobile wraith octane and bangalore
Apex Legends Mobile’s roster consists of old & new faces alike, but will these new characters make it to the base game?

Will Mobile-Exclusive Legends come to Apex Legends?

In short no, any Legends that debut in Apex Legends Mobile will not come to PC or console.

In an official statement, Respawn confirmed they have “no plans to bring Fade to PC,” clarifying “it is a possibility in the future but he is developed for mobile. If he ends up on PC then that’s fantastic.”

While these comments apply to Fade, we can assume that all other Mobile-exclusive Legends will follow suit.

Mobile Legends won’t be “completely isolated” from the game’s ongoing story and ever-evolving lore, however, with the devs hinting that they “have some fun stuff in the future to collaborate on.”

Whether this means we’ll see events that crossover between the core game and its mobile sister remains unseen, but either way something pretty special is in the works.

Apex Legends Mobile is still a totally separate, standalone game to the HD version of Apex Legends, so we can expect lots more exclusive content only available on one version, and not the other.

So that’s everything we know so far about Respawn’s plans to add (or not add, as the case may be) Mobile exclusive Legends to Apex Legends. If that changes though, be sure to check back here or on our dedicated Apex page so that you don’t miss a thing.

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