How to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile: Pieces & chips

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Fade is Apex Legends Mobile‘s first exclusive Legend, but just how do you unlock this mysterious new Phasing Punisher, and do you use pieces or chips to do so? 

As the shadows drop around Respawn’s mobile version of their fan-favorite battle royale, Apex Legends, all eyes are on new Legend, Fade.

The Outlands’ resident Phasing Punisher is a blend of high-speed daredevil, Octane, and void jumper, Wraith, utilizing speed and his snazzy mech suit to jump back and forth between realities.

Diving head-first into the Apex Games, the all-new character has snatched players’ attention, but how do you go about unlocking Fade in Apex Legends Mobile? And do you use pieces or chips? Here’s everything you’ll need to do to add this feisty new fighter to your roster.


apex legends mobile exclusie legend fade
With the ability to bend reality to his will, Fade will be a formidable opponent in Apex Mobile.

How to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

Players can unlock Fade by using ‘Fade Pieces,’ granted in allotments of two as part of the Prime Time battle pass. When you reach Level 25, you’ll have accrued enough tokens to add him to your squad.

The battle pass runs from now until June 15, so if you’re looking to get Fade for free, be sure to play enough games between now and then.

apex legends mobile prime time battlepass fade pieces
Fade Pieces drop as rewards from the game’s battle pass, and reaching Level 25 will unlock the man himself.

What are Fade chips?

If you’ve been scrolling through the Legends Gallery and checking out all of the sights, you may have noticed Fade’s ‘Unleashed Punishment’ limited-time event. For every stage completed, you’ll earn Fade Chips.

These do not contribute towards unlocking Fade. Instead, you can unlock different chapters of Fade’s story, as well as a slew of different rewards (including the Rare ‘Unwavering Focus’ skin).

apex legends mobile fade unleash punishment event
Fade Chips help you learn a little more about this mysterious new challenger.

So that’s how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile and take him out for a spin. Looking for all of the latest Apex news? Be sure to visit our dedicated page to stay ahead of the curve.

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