Valkyrie bug in Apex Legends gives her infinite rockets with no cooldown

James Busby

Apex Legends players are still finding strange bugs involving Valkyrie, but this time, the new findings could give her a big advantage over her enemies. 

Since the Apex Legends Season 9 update hit live servers, there have been several strange character bugs cropping up. From game-breaking Wraith exploits to frustrating bugs that ruin Revenant’s ultimate, the weird glitches seem to keep flowing in. While Valkyrie may be the latest Legends to join Respawn’s ever-popular battle royale, the Winged Avenger has certainly had her fair share of issues. 

Respawn recently fixed a frustrating bug with Valkyrie’s ultimate, which caused players to be pushed under the map. Fast forward a few weeks and it seems the high-flying Legend now has another bug that will need addressing. However, unlike her glitchy ultimate, this new bug could give Valkyrie a decent advantage during early-game firefights. 

Valkyrie infinite rocket exploit

Valkyrie Apex Legends
Valkyrie’s rockets are strong at the best of times.

Posting on the official Apex Legends subreddit, Redditor DippinDoughnutz showcased a strange exploit that enabled Valkyrie to fire out infinite rockets. While Missile Swarm usually has a 30-second cooldown, the player showed a technique that enabled the Legend to completely bypass this. 

While the bug only enabled Valkyrie to fire out one rocket, the never-ending barrage could be incredibly potent in early-game firefights when players are scrambling for loot. DippinDoughnutz also managed to keep his Peacekeeper out during the animation, but it is unclear whether you can use any primary weapons during the animation. 

Despite showcasing the infinite rocket glitch in the game’s training mode, the player did note that this exploit can also be replicated in regular battle royale modes. Of course, this definitely comes with risks of getting banned for exploiting, so it’s best to avoid using this method completely. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, DippinDoughnutz also found that the bug enables players to constantly stay suspended in the air. This means Valkyrie can continuously barrage her foes from above and provide intel to her squadmates.

Respawn has yet to make an official statement, but it’s hoped they will fix this issue soon before it becomes a much bigger problem. 

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