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Apex Legends Patch 9.1 to address “frustrating” matchmaking team fill issues

Published: 7/Jun/2021 20:52

by Bill Cooney


Respawn devs will once again attempt to fix matchmaking and team fill issues in Apex Legends come patch 9.1, hopefully taking care of some of players’ biggest problems with the battle royale.

Season 9 has been a bit of a mixed bag for Apex Legends. Yes, we’ve gotten a new Legend in Valkyrie and other fresh content, but a few persistent issues still haven’t been fixed, and players want the studio to address the problems.

The two biggest issues players have with Apex right now are matchmaking, and how team fill (or lack of team fill, to be more accurate) can make the game feel frustrating.


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Some players like hopping into Apex matches all by themselves, but it’s annoying when you’re expecting to be paired up with someone.

For example, Apex introduced the Duos playlist permanently in Season 4, and added a “no-fill” option to appease players who wanted a solo experience in early 2021, the only problem is players who go in alone wanting to get paired up often get thrown in by themselves anyways.

Some matches will even have more solo squads than duo squads, which after Respawn devs saying that a solo-only mode is “unhealthy” for the Apex, is pretty ironic.

The same is true for the traditional trios matches as well, with solo players and duo squads hoping for filler often getting left out in the cold, going up against full 3-stacks. 


Respawn director of communications Ryan Rigney said devs would be trying another fix for the frustrating bug come patch 9.1 — in response to a Reddit post showing that the team fill problem and matchmaking are the majority of Apex players’ biggest problems.

That brings us to matchmaking, or what happens when you do manage to get a full team of three together for the game. In a lot of cases, the gap in skill between players in a single match is completely evident. With an elite few Apex Champions beating down any squad unfortunate enough to run into them.

Whether this fix will finally work remains to be seen, but the Apex community can look forward to the end of the month for a possible solution.