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Apex Legends bug knocking players is ruining Revenant’s Ultimate

Published: 6/Jun/2021 16:24

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players are still running into an annoying issue with Revenant’s Ultimate that is knocking them to the ground instead of being teleported back to the Death Totem.

Ever since Revenant was introduced in Season 4, Apex Legends players have run into a few issues with the Synthetic Nightmare’s Death Totem Ultimate ability.

When you use the Death Totem, you enter Death Protection. As a result, players can jump back into the fight and give them another chance to get some shots off, or grab a teammates banner for a revive.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t work as intended. When you’re in Death Protection mode, you’re meant to be teleported back to the Death Totem after taking damage, but that isn’t happening.


Revenant Ultimate
Respawn Entertainment
Death Totem is amazing for an aggressive push on an enemy squad.

Instead, players are still being prevented from heading to the totem for some seemingly unknown reasons.

Redditor SashimiTony pointed out that this is still happening with a clip from one of their recent games. After entering Death Protection, the Valkyrie player took some damage and should have been teleported out of the tight room they were fighting inside of.

Yet, that didn’t happen. SashimiTony was, instead, knocked to the floor inside of the room and left to be easy pickings for the enemies, who, presumably, couldn’t believe their luck either.

Respawn, telll me how i got kock down when i was a shadow. from apexlegends

Some players suggested that the problem might stem from Valkyrie causing damage to herself with the rocket blast.


Of course, there’s no way to know for sure, but if that is the reason, Respawn might have to make a few changes to the Death Totem to prevent it from happening to others.