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Broken Apex Legends Wraith exploit completely removes her tactical cooldown

Published: 7/Jun/2021 10:31

by James Busby


Wraith is one of the strongest Legends in Apex Legends, but a new exploit is making the Interdimensional Skirmisher even more potent. 

While the Apex Legends meta may shift with every new update, one character has remained a popular pick. With her life-saving tactical ability, small hitbox, and game-changing ultimate, Wraith is capable of turning the odds of even the most one-sided fights in her favor. This dimension traveling character still has a whopping 13% pick rate in Season 9, which places her in the top three. 

While she may narrowly miss out on claiming the top spot away from Octane, there’s no denying just how impactful Wraith is in the current meta. However, one Apex Legends player has discovered a game-breaking bug that makes this shadowy assassin an even greater threat in the BR title.  


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Wraith is one of the strong Legends in the current meta.

Part of what makes Wraith such a menace to deal with is her ability to blink in and out of combat. Resetting fights and repositioning are pivotal in any Apex Legends game, particularly if you wish to avoid untimely deaths. Being able to quickly phase out of combat and retreat to the safety of the Void is all part of Wraith’s kit.

Not only does it allow her to bait her opponents into unwinnable situations, but it also enables her to creep into positions where she can swiftly execute her foes. While Into the Void has received several tweaks over the course of the game, Wraith’s tactical remains one of the most potent abilities. 


Like most tacticals in Apex Legends, Wraith’s has a fairly significant cooldown. Players have to wait 25 seconds before they can use Into the Void once again. While this may not sound like an overly long amount of time, it can still lead to some rather frustrating situations. However, it appears one player has discovered another exploit that enables Wraith to completely remove her tactical cooldown. 

EztheHuman showcased the exploit over on the official Apex Legends subreddit, which demonstrated how Wraith’s cooldown could be reset by timing a wall bounce correctly during her Into the Void ability. The video shows the player performing the wall bounce just before Wraith phases back into the real world, which instantly reset the ability’s cooldown. 


This exploit does seem rather tricky to pull off, but it could negatively impact the game and make Wraith even more tricky to deal with. Hopefully Respawn will fix this before it becomes an even bigger issue.