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Game-breaking Apex Legends Arenas exploit lets Wraith teleport pre-match

Published: 8/Jun/2021 11:40

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends are managing to jump ahead in games of Arenas, getting outside of their safe zone way before the round is supposed to start.

After being introduced at the start of Season 9: Legacy, Arenas has proven to be a pretty popular mode with Apex players.

The 3v3 mode puts players in small areas from around the different battle royale maps, where whichever team eliminates the other first, wins.

While popular, the mode has had its issues. Players have been able to get free recharges on Octane’s stim as well as being able to identify the real Mirage amongst his clones because of a nametag bug. Now, there’s a new issue with Wraith portals that some players say is “game-breaking.”


Apex Legends Arenas matchmaking fix
Respawn Entertainment
Arenas has become popular with Apex players.

The issue comes from Wraith having used a portal in the previous round. For some reason, when the round ends, the portal stays active and can be used.

As one Redditor shows, as soon as the round starts and you’ve bought equipment, you can jump to wherever the portal was placed – phasing through the safe zone that usually prevents you from moving before the round gets underway.

That means you get a massive head start on your enemies, and can pretty much wait for them without them knowing. As some players pointed out, you could simply wait with grenades and do major damage as soon as the round begins.


Wraiths portal leftover from last round telephoned me out of the arena starting area from apexlegends

While some fans said that Respawn needed to be alerted to it, one dev commented and said that they were, meaning they might be able to get it sorted out soon.

Players will, no doubt, want it addressed before it becomes too widespread of an exploit and begins making Arenas matches unplayable. That’s on Respawn, though, and they haven’t said how long it’ll take to address it.