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Top Apex Legends weapon skins with better iron sights: R-99, R-301, more

Published: 23/Dec/2021 5:35 Updated: 23/Dec/2021 6:47

by Andrew Amos


While many Apex Legends weapon skins are just for show, some offer players a big advantage. The most obvious is changes to iron sights. We’ve got a list of top Apex Legends weapon skins with better iron sights for guns like the R-99, R-301, Flatline, and more.

Most Apex Legends weapon skins just swap the colors on your gun, however the Legendary ones can completely change it up. The body of the weapon has a full makeover, and this can sometimes make skins “pay-to-win”.

The most advantageous change for players is getting better iron sights. By removing clutter, upping contrasts, or thinning out the body, specific Apex Legends weapon skins can give players an upgraded iron sight. Here’s a list of some of them for the game’s more popular guns.


R-99: Zero Point & Outlands Avalanche

Outlands Avalanche R-99 weapon skin in Apex Legends

The Zero Point R-99 is one of Apex Legends’ most notorious skins. The pure white cosmetic in the Season 4 battle pass gets rid of the ‘wings’ on either side of the iron sight, opening up your visibility.

However, if you missed the Season 4 battle pass, don’t stress. The Outlands Avalanche R-99 skin is pretty much just as good, and available to all players, all the time, as an original Legendary skin for the R-99.

R-301 Carbine: The Last Spartan

The Last Spartan R-301 weapon skin in Apex Legends

As far as R-301 skins go in Apex Legends, not many offer that much more of an advantage over the base skin. The V-shaped reticle is a bit divisive, but if you’re a fan of it, then the Last Spartan skin makes it stand out a bit more.


Wingman: The Death Ray

The Death Ray Wingman weapon skin in Apex Legends

Much like the Zero Point, the Death Ray Wingman skin is as close to “pay-to-win” as you can get in Apex Legends. With a slim body and a clean scope, it’s a much better iron sight than the default skin. Because you don’t (often) equip scopes on the Wingman too, that’s very important.

Flatline: Heavy Metal & Slayer’s Lancer

Slayer's Lancer Flatline weapon skin in Apex Legends

None of the default Legendary Flatline skins are really that good for iron sights ⁠— at least compared to the base skin. However, there are some previously released skins that are worth it: namely the Heavy Metal skin from Season 4. It has a clean body, decluttering your screen.


However, if you’ve copped the Champion Edition of Apex Legends, the Slayer’s Lancer is a decent substitute for better Flatline iron sights.

Volt: Luxury Finish

Luxury Finish volt weapon skin in Apex Legends

The Volt is another gun which has great default iron sights, arguably the best in the game. However, if you want them to stand out a bit more with contrast (and a clean body), the Luxury Finish Volt skin does strip it back a bit ⁠— but it’s not worth the investment compared to other weapons.

Longbow: McFly

McFly Longbow weapon skin in Apex Legends

The McFly Longbow skin gives Apex Legends players a big boost on the sniper while you’re still hunting for a scope. Longbow quickscopes can be key to early-game fights, and the McFly skin makes it easier to track targets with less clutter overall.


Peacekeeper: The Lonestar

Lonestar Peacekeeper weapon skin in Apex Legends

The Lonestar skin doesn’t just look sick, it has a big advantage for Peacekeeper users. While most iron sights for the Peacekeeper are viable, the clean body of this shotgun skin makes it a bit easier to see your targets after charging up your shot.