Respawn confirm fix coming for fill teammates not working in Apex Legends

Apex Legends fill teammates not workingRespawn Entertainment

Since introducing the heavily requested ‘no fill’ option in Apex Legends, the feature has been somewhat buggy, with players not getting any teammates even when they have the fill option selected. Respawn have confirmed a fix is on the way.

As there is no option to play solo in Apex, as the developers have said that when they tested it, it was “unhealthy” for the game, for a long time there was no way to play the game without having teammates forced upon you.

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Respawn took steps to address this in the Chaos Theory update in Season 8, by adding a no fill option. Selecting this will mean that you will queue only with members of your party – which can be just yourself if you don’t have a partner.

This was great news for players who didn’t want to play in a squad – perhaps to complete a challenge or an easter egg, without getting dragged around by their squad.

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No teammates in Apex LegendsReddit: u/WeBouttaBeGaming
Players have been left without any teammates when they want them as a result of the no fill bugs.

Apex Legends fill teammates not working

Unfortunately, it was immediately buggy for some players. Although selecting ‘no fill’ would indeed not give any teammates, when returning to the ‘fill’ option, it was like the game didn’t recognize the change.

This left some players permanently stuck without teammates, even when they had the fill option selected.

Respawn immediately acknowledged the bug and marked it as ‘investigating’ on their public Trello board. The good news is that they now have a fix, which will come in a future update.

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Apex Legends no fill not workingTrello
A fix for the no fill bugs in Apex Legends should arrive with Season 9.

Although Respawn haven’t specified what patch this fix will be included in, we can be pretty certain it will be part of the big Season 9: Legacy update on May 4.

Some players have also had the opposite version of this bug, where having no fill selected would still give them teammates. This is also part of the fix.

Hopefully, in Season 9, the fill/no fill options will work much more reliably. It will also be interesting to see if the new 3v3 mode, Arenas, will launch with a no fill option, but it’s very unlikely, given the nature of the mode.

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