Apex Legends bug fixes coming in future updates: Game logic, crashing, Switch issues

Fuse in Apex Legends holding a broken Crypto droneRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment are currently working on addressing a whole host of bugs in Apex Legends ahead of Season 9, looking into a few that have plagued Season 8.

Some of these bugs have been minuscule things like a skin not displaying in-game, while others have been bigger – things like Legend abilities not working correctly or constant crashing.

Each new update brings a whole host of changes, and with Season 9 not too far off away in the future, plenty of big changes will be coming as the devs look to address issues that have been plaguing Season 8.

Bloodhound crouched down with a knife in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Apex bugs affect everything from the legends to the weapons and even maps.

Currently, according to their public Trello board, Respawn are looking into eight major bugs that are currently affecting Apex Legends.

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These include issues where players have reported invisible players, players who use cross-play being unable to hear each other in matches, as well as problems with the servers being slow and being unable to log-in.

Additionally, there are a few issues listed that pertain solely to the Nintendo Switch version of the battle royale. These include problems purchasing items from the eShop as well as not being able to finish the training portion of things thanks to an issue with Lifeline’s ultimate.

Apex bug fixes being working on

  • Players cannot log-in
  • Increased reports of slo-mo servers
  • Error appears in lobby when browsing event shop or challenges
  • Issue with ‘No Fill’ option (no teammates on your squad)
  • Increased reports of invisible players
  • Players cannot hear each other in cross-play lobbies
  • Switch: Players cannot finish training due to Lifeline’s Ultimate malfunctioning
  • Switch: Issues with eShop
Bug fixes listed on a trello boardScreenshot via Trello
Some of the bugs being worked on ahead of Apex Season 9.

Other, smaller issues could be being worked on in the background too. Respawn lists plenty of problems on Trello, but not all of them get on there. Some are just addressed in a quick hotfix.

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Some of the issues listed above are pretty big and could take some time to address. Though, they could also be deployed by hotfixes in the meantime.

If not, it’s likely that they’ll be listed in the Season 9 patch notes before that goes live in early May.