Respawn reiterates they’re not adding Solo mode in Apex Legends

Joe Craven

Developers Respawn Entertainment have reiterated that a Solo mode is still not a part of their Apex Legends plans, despite ongoing player demand. 

The popularity of Apex Legends has perhaps transcended what was initially expected of Respawn’s Titanfall-inspired battle royale. Millions of players have dropped into Kings Canyon, World’s Edge and Olympus but, like the number of maps we have so far, generally in threes.

Respawn have, since the game’s launch back in February of 2019, regularly stated that it was designed with trios in mind. Legend abilities, for example, are designed to be used in conjunction with two others, and as part of a team.

Some players have called for a ‘no fill’ option, which Respawn have said they’re considering. Having no teammates but going up against trios is something top players enjoy – like Shiv eliminating nearly half the lobby, with over 7,500 damage.

Apex Legends trios in game
The game was designed and released with trios in mind.

However, many players (understandably) find constant one versus threes too difficult, and hope to see a proper Solos mode permanently added. Unfortunately, Respawn have reiterated their stance against adding the mode full time.

On January 8, the official Apex Legends account was asked where they stand on Solos or a no-fill option in Duos.

However, the response was bleak for players hoping to see it added, with Respawn simply stating: “Same place we were when this blog came out.” Attached was a link to the Old Ways Event patch notes, which came out way back in April of 2020.

In the blog, they said: “When we introduced Solos as a limited-time mode last year we saw it actually negatively impacted the game, especially when it came to new player retention. We’ve also purposely designed Legends and their abilities to compliment team-play and squad composition, but when played Solo some Legend abilities become useless.”

It finished: “These are just some of the reasons we decided not to include Solos in today’s update. We’re still exploring ways to allow a Solo experience, but for now grab a friend (or two) and jump into the arena.”

As well as a simple no fill option, other alternatives could include unique LTMs that are solo. For example, this was the case in 2019’s Fight or Fright Halloween event.

The last sentence will offer hope to some fans, but it’s clear that a Solos mode is nowhere near close to being added to the game. As they say, “grab a friend (or two) and jump into the arena”.