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When is Apex Legends Season 9? Season 8 end date, new features

Published: 3/Feb/2021 15:38

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends Season 8 arrived with a bang, but before you know it, Season 9 will be right around the corner. So, let’s check out everything we know about the upcoming season and when we can expect it to arrive.

It’s fair to say Respawn has knocked it out of the park with Season 8 and the community is certainly enjoying the new content. From extensive map changes to Kings Canyon to Fuse’s arrival on the Apex roster, there’s a lot to get into.


However, the next Apex season is never far away and players have already begun to wonder what Respawn has in store for them in Season 9.

When is Apex Legends Season 9?

When it comes to releasing new seasons, Respawn consistently implements big updates every three months. This aligns with the current Season 8 battle pass that is scheduled to end on May 3, 2021.


Therefore, it’s safe to assume we can expect Season 9 to arrive at some point in early May. Of course, there’s always the chance that Respawn push the release date of Season 9 back if they need more development time.

However, excluding Season 5, it’s not very often that Respawn decide to delay one of their big updates. On the other hand, Season 7 actually brought the release date forward by one week, so it’s always subject to change.


King's Canyon map
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 8 launched on February 2, 2021.

What new features will be added with Season 9?

At this moment in time, there are very few details about the content we can expect to see in Season 9. However, in an interview with IGN, Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier revealed some exciting information:

“There’s so much good stuff coming… Season 9, you’re going to see some major things you did not expect… our best work is yet to be released.”


It’s difficult to predict what Grenier is referring to, but it’s possible Respawn is looking to expand Apex Legends and introduce a non-battle royale main game mode. In his two-year anniversary blog, Grenier said: “later this year, we’ll launch new ways to play the game that take us beyond battle royale.”

This could come in the form of a PVE or a story-driven mode that incorporates the lore of Apex into its gameplay. A leak in January suggested that a team deathmatch style mode was in the works. Of course, there’s always the potential for a new map to be added, but given that Olympus arrived in Season 7, it’s likely the developers will opt to add more unique content.


Fuse season 8
Respawn Entertainment
Fuse is the latest Legend to be added to Apex’s roster of characters

New Season 9 weapon leaked

Although we know very little about the upcoming season, an Apex Legends Season 8 dev stream may have accidentally leaked the new gun set to arrive in Season 9. At one point during the stream, an unreleased weapon can be seen hanging on the wall for a brief period of time.

The devs never acknowledged the weapon or attempted to pick it up, but it didn’t take long for the community to realize that they hadn’t seen it before. The weapon itself is quite big and is likely a new assault rifle, this would make sense as a new AR hasn’t been added to the game since the Havoc in early 2019.

The addition of more weapons to loot and use in-game is never going to be something that the Apex community turns down. Let’s keep our fingers crossed Respawn plans to add the gun at the beginning of Season 9.

New Season 9 Weapon
Respawn Entertainment
The unreleased weapon can be seen in the background attached to the wall.

Who will be the new Legend in Season 9?

As of yet, we have no confirmed information on who Season 9’s new Legend will be. However, going off a number of past leaks, there’s a list of potential characters that could be arriving in the upcoming Season. Out of all the unreleased characters, Blisk, Valk and Ash are discussed and mentioned most by players.

Blisk has already made an appearance in Apex Legends, making a cameo in Rampart’s character trailer, inviting her to the games. In Titanfall, Blisk is a South African mercenary and leader of the Apex Predators. If Respawn were looking to add a familiar face to Apex in Season 9, Blisk may be a perfect choice.

Unfortunately, there’s less lore related information for Valk, but a major Apex leak back in 2020 did reveal that Respawn has designed their in-game model and abilities. Described as the ‘Soaring Aviator’ Valk’s kit and abilities allow them and their teammates to take to the skies.

Blisk Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Blisk is seen in the cinematic trailer.

For now, that’s all the information we have on Apex Legends Season 9. It won’t be long before Respawn begins to tease the new content set to arrive in the upcoming season, so keep your eyes peeled.

We’ll be sure to update this piece with any new information or leaks as soon as they become available.