Apex Legends Arenas: Everything we know about new deathmatch mode

Respawn Entertainment

Various Apex Legends leaks have pointed towards the introduction of an ‘Arena’ mode, but what is it all about? Here’s everything we know so far about Arenas, coming in Season 9: Legacy.

Unlike other modes that have come and gone in Apex Legends, Arenas is totally unique. 

Past modes have put a spin on the main game, with map changes, loot changes, or wholesale gameplay changes, such as the Winter Express LTM.

But, so far, they’ve all been battle royale-style modes – something Respawn have confirmed is going to change, as they take Apex Legends beyond just battle royale.

Respawn Entertainment
Give it’s size, Skull Town would make a perfect “Arena” map in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Arenas release date

It’s now a sure thing that Arenas is coming Season 9, on May 4, with the in-game teaser from Ash confirming it. After all, Respawn have said we should expect the unexpected in Season 9.

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The first leak regarding Arena mode came back in October when reliable leaker Shrugtal pointed out that the name had been added to battle royale’s code, referencing a 3v3 mode

A full reveal for the Arenas mode will take place on Monday, April 26. But, a number of different leaks have surfaced regarding potential locations, how it will work. 

Apex Legends arena teaser with AshRespawn Entertainment
Ash invited players to the Arena in an in-game teaser.

What is Arenas?

Put simply, we expect it will be a deathmatch-style mode. Leaks have pointed towards a 3v3 gamemode, which makes sense given Apex Legends’ general emphasis on trios in the battle royale too.

Respawn have suggested that this mode will be treated as a “full game” – not just an afterthought.

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So, we can expect unique rules and perhaps even some unique gameplay altering changes, that differ from the battle royale. One things is for sure though – it will have its own maps.

Apex Legends Arenas maps

In terms of the different locations for these Arenas, Shrugtal leaked in January that at least seven different Kings Canyon spots were being tested. These were: Capacitor, Rig, Broken Relay, Gauntlet, Cascades, Repulsor, and Water Treatment. 

Additionally, leakers suggested that Skulltown would also return as a map for this mode, however, that hasn’t be spotted on these lists. We expect the location in the Ash teaser to be one of the maps.

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Also, in Apex Legends’ 100 million player celebration video, we get a glimpse at what could be another Arena, on Olympus.

Olympus Arena in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Could this be an Arena?

Apex Legends Arenas rewards

Just like with other modes, there will be cosmetic rewards on offer in the form of badgers for your player card. You will receive the “Impress Me” badge for completing the Arena teaser.

We also expect that there will be unique awards only earnable through playing Arenas, and specific challenges for this mode.

Arenas Ranked Play

Leakers have also said that Arenas will have some form of Ranked component, so it won’t just be a casual fun mode all the time.

Whether the Ranked system is tied in with the main Ranked tiers of the battle royale, remains to be seen.

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All in all, we’ll have to wait until closer to Season 9 for more details, either from leakers or Respawn themselves.

As more information surfaces, we’ll update this post, so make sure to keep back for all the latest updates.