NICKMERCS claims new Apex Legends map will finally solve game’s biggest issue

Isaac McIntyre
NICKMERCS looks annoyed at Apex Legends Ash Legend.

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has high hopes for new Apex Legends map Storm Point, which will be added to the game in Season 11, and believes it will go “a long way” to fixing what he sees as the battle royale’s biggest issue.

This week, Apex Legends is heading to “Storm Point,” a new tropical battleground, as the Respawn battle royale shifts into Season 11 with its November 2 update.

Storm Point marks the first time since October 28, 2020 ⁠— over a year ago now ⁠— that Apex Legends players have been given a new map to play on. The battle royale launched with Kings Canyon in 2019, World’s Edge was added in Season 3, and Olympus was dropped in Season 7’s update.

Needless to say, the map hype is hitting a fever pitch.

Caught up in the hype is Twitch superstar NICKMERCS, who was a leading figure in the Warzone-to-Apex Legends movement earlier this year. He’s “super excited” to get his hands on the new battleground this week.

And, on top of all the normal hype, Kolcheff has high hopes for one other thing; he sees Storm Point as the perfect solution to one major Apex Legends issue.

The Twitch superstar has found himself swept up in the Season 11 hype.

For the most part, NICKMERCS has had nothing but praise for Apex since defecting to Respawn’s flagship title in September. He’s returned to Warzone in stints but remains quite loyal to the character-based game.

That’s not to say he sees it as the perfect game, however.

The Twitch star has threatened to quit the battle royale entirely if servers aren’t fixed, repetitively complained about the ranked system, and ⁠(perhaps his biggest sticking point) can’t stand the “third-party” culture that has developed in Apex Legends in the two years since the game’s shock release.

All that could be over, though, he claims; according to the Twitch star, the new map’s swollen size ⁠⁠— 20% bigger than any other Apex battleground, Respawn confirms ⁠— means it “has the chance to be the best of all four maps.”

“It’s going to be 20% bigger than any we’ve had yet, which I think is really good for [finally stopping] third parties,” he said. “Yeah, [that makes] this new map fire!”

Related segment begins at 14:42 in the video below.

The Storm Point map and its bloated 20% size increase is far from the only thing NICKMERCS has been getting “really hype” about too. Apex Legends Season 11 is adding another character, Ash, and he can’t wait.

In fact, he sees her overtaking Wraith next season.

“This is the new character?” the Twitch star said while watching the Ash gameplay trailer for the first time on October 29. “Woah… you can, like, aim up. This is her ult? Holy sh*t, holy sh*t, that’s crazy. She [looks like a] Wraith port. I think [after Ash’s release] that Wraith is going to be no more.”

“I love it, I love it!” he continued. “Yeah, of course [she’ll get nerfed immediately]. It’s the way of it. Remember when Seer came out, he was broken as f**k.”