Apex Legends dev confirms Crypto buffs coming following Wattson rework

Respawn Entertainment

Crypto is scheduled for huge buffs in Apex Legends soon and a Respawn developer confirmed that the Surveillance Expert will get their overhaul following Wattson’s Season 11 rework.

In Season 3, Respawn Entertainment introduced its 11th character to the battle royale who split his time between scouting with his drone and disabling opponents in the middle of a gunfight.

The character’s concept proved popular with fans and took hold in the meta for a short time. Soon after, however, Crypto quickly fell out of favor in Apex and dropped dead last in pick rates.

apex legends crypto wattsonRespawn Entertainment
A big Crypto update is coming to Apex Legends from the Respawn dev that reworked Wattson.

Crypto buffs coming to Apex Legends

Buffs or attempts to make him stronger haven’t stuck in the past but we could see a whole new side of him after the Wattson rework lands.

“Devs have confirmed on Reddit that Crypto is going to get a rework or improvements in the future,” streamer ‘XFactor’ said. “No timetable yet.”

“My guy who did Wattson is doing Crypto,” Respawn Producer Josh Medina responded.

A Respawn dev who worked on Wattson will also take a swipe at the encryption expert to retool him in a big way.

The long-awaited Wattson rework in Season 11 will massively change how the character plays out including her ultimate ability, Interception Pylon. The changes give players a lot more tools to work with while keeping the identity of the Legend intact.

That’s something players hope will also be true for Crytpo. Though he hasn’t been a popular pick for a while, the Apex community has always tried to fit him into the meta.

Players can see there’s a ton of potential but the drone-operator hasn’t been able to compete with the likes of Octane, Wraith and Bloodhound.

All of that could change soon as Respawn explore the best ways to buff Crypto sometime in Season 11 or beyond.