NICKMERCS explains why Apex Legends is “more difficult” than Warzone

Joe Craven
Nickmercs Season 10 Apex WarzoneTwitch: NICKMERCS / Respawn

Massively popular FaZe Clan streamer NICKMERCS has explained why Apex Legends is ‘more difficult’ than Warzone, having spent a considerable amount of time with Respawn’s battle royale.

Fans of NICKMERCS’ Twitch streams have seen the FaZe Clan star transition from Call of Duty’s Warzone to Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

Nick is not alone, with Warzone’s ongoing cheating problems forcing many of its major content creators to other titles.

He has already been very vocal in his admiration of Apex Legends but, during an August 13 live stream, the 30-year-old turned his attention its learning curve, and explained why it’s a more challenging game to master than Warzone.

Seer in Apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Seer is Apex’s new legend, dropping with the game’s highly anticipated tenth season.

“I’ve been playing Apex Legends for a week and a half,” he said. “Diamond four. I’ll say this, Apex Legends is more difficult than Warzone. It’s aiming and shooting just like Warzone, it’s positional just like Warzone, it’s awareness just like Warzone. All those things across the board…. But Apex has abilities. Super f**king abilities. And I think that’s a big caveat that you can’t ignore.”

While the typical features of battle royales are in both games, the extra layers provided by character abilities and how they overlap means Apex is more difficult than Warzone.

Not only must players account for enemies, but must consider how to use their legend’s abilities, and how opponents will use theirs against them.

He finished: “The abilities, the timings, the possibilities are endless in Apex because of all the things you can do. Versus in Warzone, you get in a chopper, you get in a car. Good luck.”

Many viewers echoed Nick’s assertions, suggesting that learning the way abilities and gadgets interact in Apex is also crucial to being a talented player.

Whether Nick returns to Warzone remains to be seen, but the news that Raven are working on an anti-cheat will undoubtedly be welcome.