When is Kings Canyon coming back to Apex Legends?

Aerial view of King's Canyon from Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Following the release of Apex Legends Season 15, Kings Canyon has been vaulted, but when will it be returning to the game?

As with every seasonal patch in Apex Legends, the game’s map rotation has shifted following the Eclipse update.

This time it’s Storm Point and Kings Canyon that have made way for Broken Moon and Olympus.

While a lot of players are happy to see the tropical map vaulted, fewer are pleased to see Apex’s OG map disappear once again.

Of course, Kings Canyon won’t be locked away forever and may even return with a rework, but when will that be?

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When is Kings Canyon returning to Apex Legends?

Aerial view of King's Canyon from Apex Legends

Kings Canyon has been removed from the map rotation in Season 15 and it’ll likely make its return in Season 16.

This is scheduled to arrive in February 2023 so there’s still a long time to wait before players can revisit the fan-favorite location.

As Respawn hasn’t confirmed when it will return just yet, it’s impossible to pin down a date, but we’d assume it will be coming back in the next seasonal update.

Of course, it’s always possible a section of it will be available in Control or Gun Run with an LTM alongside the Collection Event, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Kings Canyon in Season 14Respawn Entertainment
Season 15 of Apex Legends arrived on November 1.

Either way, for the time being, Olympus, Broken Moon, and World’s Edge will be the maps in rotation for Season 15.

Fans of Kings Canyon will likely have to wait until February before they can revisit the OG map once again.