NICKMERCS divides opinion declaring Apex Legends is the best BR

NickmercsTwitch: NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS took to his Twitter page to claim that Apex Legends is the “best” battle royale currently available, and his community is divided as to whether or not he’s right. 

Back in August, Twitch viewers witnessed a massive change as the platform’s biggest streamers made the switch over to Apex Legends due to the ongoing problem with hackers on Warzone. Shortly afterwards, NICKMERCS admitted that he’s addicted to Apex and had no plans to return to the CoD BR.

Since the beginning of his “addiction,” the leader of the MFAM has been critical of the game, calling for various nerfs and even requesting that it entirely re-work its ranked mode.

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On October 26, the FaZe Clan co-owner expressed his current opinion of Apex, stating it’s the “best” battle royale available. However, his community is divided on whether or not they agree with him.

NICKMERCS divides opinion on Apex

Shortly after NICKMERCS posted his controversial opinion on Twitter, his community and other streamers started sharing their thoughts, as well. 100 Thieves Co-owner ‘CouRage’ and 100T content creator NiceWigg were quick to agree with the MFAM leader.

“Yup. It’s not even close,” said CouRage in a reply. The YouTube Gaming star recently hit the highest rank on Apex Legends, but not without claims that he was carried by professional players.

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100 Thieves streamer NiceWigg replied: “Always knew you had great taste in games.”

However, there are quite a few fans of the Twitch streamer that seem to think otherwise.

One user on Twitter claims that “Apex is a little kids game,” and that “There isn’t a game out there that beats warzone.”

Another reply claims that NICKMERCS is suffering from “Warzone Fatigue” and “when the new [Warzone] map comes out, you’ll be all over it.”

The creator has gone on record before stating that when the new Warzone map comes out, he’s going to check it out, but he won’t return to it full time.

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Only time will tell the true answer, but this tweet makes us think he has no plans on leaving Apex.