All weapon buffs & nerfs for Apex Legends Genesis Collection event

apex legends season 9 genesis update weaponsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Genesis Collection event in Season 9 kicks off on June 29, and that update will introduce a number of weapon nerfs and buffs. 

The Legacy season had experienced a slow period of content before Genesis was confirmed with a new trailer on June 24, and patch notes have been released as well.

As part of that update, Apex players can look forward to seeing a number of Legend buffs and nerfs, a new heirloom for Revenant, and more.

Changes for the P2020, Spitfire, 30-30 Repeater, and Longbow are included in the patch – so let’s take a look through each of those tweaks, and how they will affect gameplay.

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Apex Legends Genesis Collection weapon changes

SpitfireRespawn Entertainment
Apex devs say the new Spitfire changes will bring it “in line” for the Genesis Collection event.

Spitfire nerf

The Spitfire has once again been nerfed in Season 9, with hip fire spread increasing.

  • Increased Hip Fire spread

P2020 buff

Many would argue the P2020 has needed a buff for a while now, and it’s finally come in the Genesis Collection event. Here’s everything that’s changed:

  • Increased Fire Rate from 6.25 -> 7.0
  • Increased Base Ammo from 12 -> 14
  • Increased Lvl 1 Mag from 14 -> 16
  • Increased Lvl 2 Mag from 16 -> 18
  • Increased Lvl 3 and Lvl 4 Mag from 18 -> 21

30-30 Repeater changes

30-30 repeaterRespawn Entertainment
The 30-30 Repeater will change in the Apex Legends Genesis Collection update.

It’s a mixed bag for the 30-30 Repeater in the Genesis Collection event, with an increase and decrease in its performance.

  • Slightly increased projectile speed
  • Reduced charge time from 0.5s -> 0.35s

Longbow buff

The Longbow has been given a bit of love in this update as well, with increased damage.

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  • Damage increased from 55 -> 60

How these changes will impact the weapon meta in Apex Legends Season 9 remains to be seen, for both Arenas and battle royale mode.