All Legend buffs & nerfs in Apex Legends Genesis collection event

Lauren Bergin
apex legends genesis collection buffs nerfs

With the Apex Legends Genesis Collection event in Season 9 comes a whole host of buffs and nerfs to some of the game’s most popular Legends.

Apex Legends’ new Genesis collection event brings with it a slew of interesting changes. We’ve got Revenant’s new Heirloom, the Dead Man’s Curve, alongside the return of King’s Canyon, new skins and much, much more. For all of the latest, be sure to check out the update’s patch notes.

Some of the title‘s most famous faces are taking a bit of a hit this time around, with Octane‘s infamous Launch Pad’s cooldown being increased by 30 seconds, and Bloodhound‘s powerful Eye of the Allfather and Beast of the Hunt ultimate having their durations decreased, it’ll be interesting to see how this changes up the meta.

The most important buff, though, is to Frenchwoman Wattson. Now capable of dropping more than one Nessie plush using her Epic emote, it’s clear that this minor change is set to flip the game on it’s head (well, not really).

Apex Legends Genesis Collection: All Buffs & Nerfs

Revenant Heirloom
The infamous Revenant has both received his Heirloom, as well as some buffs.


  • Slightly slimmed down hitbox (specifically his midsection, arms, and upper legs).
  • Stalker climb height significantly increased. It’s not unlimited now, but… that boy can really climb.
  • Silence duration decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Reduced the duration of death protection by 5 seconds while using the Death Totem.


  • Launch Pad cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.


  • Increased hit box size, mostly in the legs and waist.


  • Eye of the Allfather scan revealed time decreased from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Beast of the Hunt duration decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds. Time can still be added by downing enemies.


  • Major Buff: Wattson can now place more than one Nessie on the map at a time with her Epic emote.

For all of the latest on the Collection Event, be sure to check out our dedicated Apex Legends page.

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