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Apex Legends season 8 live blog

Respawn Entertainment rounded off a busy day in the Outlands, as the new Apex Legends Season 8 update rolled out on February 2. The massive update brought a new Legend called Fuse, a 30-30 Repeater weapon, and much more. 

For launch day, we kept you in the loop with all of the biggest news for the patch– including handy guides, news, leaks as well as reactions.

EA had already posted a number of exciting details online, but we went one better with our list of essentials to prepare yourself for life on a decimated Kings Canyon map. Everything you need in one place.

Apex Legends Season 8 essentials

Fuse in Apex Legends Season 8.
It’s time to bring the boom in Apex Legends Season 8.

Apex Legends Season 8 launch: As it happened

How to master the 30-30 Repeater

February 3, 1:09PM GMT

Fuse 30 30 repeater in apex legends
Keep some distance between your 30-30 Repeater and enemies, where possible.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to master the new rifle in Apex Legends, which you can read through here.

It’s very much a mid-range gun from what we’ve seen so far, with a slow bullet travel speed, meaning long-range targets are quite difficult to hit.

On the plus side, charging the weapon can make it some 35% more deadly! So, check out our guide for all of the top tips and tricks.

Players finding new tricks

February 3, 12:49PM GMT
Apex Legends players are already hard at work figuring out just how they can game the meta in Season 8. This includes a new “double Spitfire” trick with the new gold mags, for basically endless bullets.

Check it out here.

Apex Legends Switch version coming soon

February 2, 9:30PM GMT
EA have finally announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends will be releasing on March 9, 2021, with the Champions Edition arriving March 18.

In order to help Switch players make up the more-than-a-month in lost time since the start of Season 8, all users will receive 30 free tiers on the S8 Battle Pass once the game is live.

The Switch port is being overseen and developed by Panic Button, who did the same for Rocket League when bringing it to Nintendo’s console.

Furthermore, an officially licensed Apex Legends Nintendo Switch controller was spotted online with a release date set to February 3.

Black Lives Matter badge available to all

February 2, 8:05PM GMT
As part of the ongoing Black Lives Matter social justice movement, all Apex Legends players will receive a special free BLM badge to display in-game.

The badge will be released on Feb 2 at 8PM PT / 11PM ET, so be sure to be on the lookout in your inventory.

All Apex Legends players will receive a free BLM badge.

Anniversary Collection Event added then removed

February 2, 6:55PM GMT
UPDATE: The Anniversary Collection Event seems to have been completely removed from the game. There’s a chance it was accidentally set early since the game’s anniversary is actually Feb 4.

Respawn have surprised Apex Legends fans with a brand new collection event to celebrate the game’s second anniversary.

As part of the event, players will have a chance to acquire some incredible-looking weapon and Legend skins, Collection packs, and even a free Heirloom!

Everything you need to know about this, including all of the new cosmetic items, can be found in our Apex Legends Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event hub.

The Anniversary Collection Event is now live in Apex Legends!

Apex Lorebook out now

February 2, 5:49PM GMT
The Apex Legends lorebook, Pathfinder’s Quest, is available now on Amazon.

It tells the story of Pathfinder’s search for his creator, with all the other Legends involved.

Full details on the book here.

Gold Mags explained

February 2, 4:36 pm GMT
The loot pool is an ever-changing beast, and this time a new item has been introduced – Gold Mags.

Gold Magazines are included in the update.

In a YouTube description, Respawn said: ““Look out for Gold Magazines, capable of automatically reloading holstered weapons. Plus grab the latest Battle Pass and blast through the competition in Ranked. Ready to master the mayhem?”

Here’s our full guide on Gold Mags, featuring dev comments on how it won’t be an overpowered feature in S8.

Take our Apex Legends quiz!

February 2, 3:49 pm GMT
Respawn Entertainment celebrate the second anniversary of Apex Legends on February 4, and it’s fair to say a lot has happened since 2019. We’ve seen new Legends, a weapon and item pool transformed, and three maps!

Test your knowledge of the Outlands in our quiz now, as we await the next major update in the Apex Games.

Get to grips with the 30-30 Repeater

February 2, 3:10 pm GMT
We didn’t get a new gun in Season 7, so Respawn had to make up for it with the new Season 8 weapon: the 30-30 Repeater.

This weapon comes straight from Salvo – Fuse’s home planet. It uses Heavy Ammo, but you can charge the shots too for extra damage.

Check out or 30-30 Repeater guide for everything you need to know about the new weapon, from attachments to skins.

30-30 Repeater
The 30-30 Repeater is headed to Apex Legends in Season 8.

What are you most excited for?

February 2, 2:22 pm GMT
We’re running a poll on our @Titanfallblog Twitter account, asking which new feature you’re all looking forward to the most!

The early leader appears to be the map changes on Kings Canyon, but you never know… Your vote – and a few others – could swing the tide.

Explosive Holds full of loot!

February 2, 2:17 pm GMT
One of the biggest map changes in Apex Legends Season 8 is, without a doubt, the inclusion of Explosive Holds. These are packed full of loot and dotted around Kings Canyon!

Opening them isn’t like a bunker or loot vault, though. Here’s our guide on how to get inside, from our writer David Purcell.

Buffs and Nerfs

February 2, 12:54 pm GMT
A few Legends have been hit with buffs and nerfs, as you might expect.

Apex Legends Cosplay Loba
Loba is among the list of Legends to be tweaked in the Season 8 update.
  • Wraith: Increase to the size of her hitbox has been confirmed.
  • Rampart: Increase to Sheila’s range of motion from 120° to 180°. Her Amped Cover’s health has changed from 1 health point to 45.
  • Horizon: Slight nerf to her Gravity Lift, increasing the effective cooldown from 21s to 25s (15s cooldown timer will now start when the Gravity Lift disappears).
  • Octane: Superjump has been made easier, with two changes.
  • Caustic: All gas now dissipates as soon as Caustic’s team is eliminated.
  • Loba: Loba’s passive ‘Eye for Quality’ and Black Market Boutique can now take a peek inside unopened Care Packages.
  • Mirage: Finally, decoys will officially have footsteps in Apex Legends.

If you’re looking for specific details, check out our Buffs and Nerfs guide for Season 8.

Kings Canyon map changes!

February 2, 12:23 pm GMT
One of the most notable changes in the new update will be the map changes. Kings Canyon is expected to look very different this time, with Fuse’s introduction not going to plan, and Maggie exploding the game’s original map in one of the S8 trailers.

Here’s the full breakdown of map changes. 

Patch notes

February 2, 12:20 pm GMT
To kick off the live blog, let’s run through some of the biggest changes coming in S8. This season, we’ll see the following changes and much more:

  • New Legend, Fuse
  • 30-30 Repeater rifle
  • New Gold Mags for weapons
  • Kings Canyon map changes: Featuring new Explosive Holds
  • Anvil Receiver returns

For more details, check out our Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes post from Dexerto’s Apex content lead, Calum Patterson.

Sit back, here’s a trailer

February 2, 12:15 pm GMT
The launch trailer arrived with a BANG for Season 8! Mayhem is the name of the game, and Fuse looks like an explosive addition to the Legend roster.

If you would like to see your reactions, clips or comments feature in our Apex Legends Season 8 live blog, tweet us @Titanfallblog and we’ll take a look!

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