How to open Explosive Holds in Apex Legends on Kings Canyon

David Purcell
Explosive Hold in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment have made a number of map changes in Apex Legends Season 8, including new Explosive Holds on Kings Canyon filled with rare loot. 

The battle royale game’s next major update dropped on February 2, bringing with it a new Legend, Fuse, a fresh weapon called the 30-30 Repeater, and other features.

Aside from the new Legend and weapon (check out the full patch notes here), one of the biggest talking points surrounding the content drop has been the state of Kings Canyon. When Fuse arrived on the scene, he brought with him a whole host of party fireworks for the people to enjoy. But, those celebrations were cut short as Maggie sabotaged his arrival and set off explosives all over the map.

Now, we have a completely reshaped Kings Canyon to play on, with a whole host of map changes.

Explosive Hold in Apex Legends
Here’s how the Explosive Holds look on Kings Canyon.

How to open Explosive Holds in Apex Legends

One of those changes is the introduction of Explosive Holds in Apex Legends Season 8.

These are dotted around the map and will contain various types of loot, in what sounds very similar to loot vaults on Worlds Edge. Gold items such as Anvil Receivers, Turbochargers and other Hop-Ups can be found inside.

To open these new Explosive Holds, it’s a pretty simple process:

  1. Jump into Kings Canyon, landing near an Explosive Hold.
  2. Loot around you for grenades.
  3. Approach the door and place a Frag Grenade, Thermite or Arc Star at the center of the door.
  4. Move away. Once it explodes, you will be let inside!
  5. Watch out for enemies sneaking in behind you…

What are they?

These provide another great looting opportunity for teams, with rare attachments and other items inside.

In an official blog post, Respawn Entertainment said: “When the ship came crashing down, several mobile armories that were being stored in its cargo bay were lost and scattered across Kings Canyon.

“Although they require security clearance to open them, crafty Legends have discovered that a well-placed ordnance can blow those doors open, granting access to weapons, ammo and valuable attachments.”

These replace the bunkers that used to be dotted around the map. Those caved in due to the damage of Fuse’s arrival.