Apex Legends Peacekeeper can now ‘Double Pump’ enemies quickly with new hop-up

Alex Garton
Peacekeeper Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have discovered that you can “double pump” with the Peacekeeper when the new Kinetic Feeder hop-up is equipped.

Season 12 of Apex Legends has finally arrived and it has introduced the 9v9 Control Mode, Mad Maggie, and newly revamped Olympus to the game.

While all of these additions have received overwhelming amounts of praise from the community, it’s the new Kinetic Feeder hop-up that’s getting the majority of the attention due to an unintended mechanic that’s been discovered.

When equipped with the Kinetic Feeder, players can slide with Peacekeeper and pull off a “double pump” shot on an enemy target. This allows them to dish out over 180 damage in an instant.

Peacekeeper Apex Legends
The Kinetic Feeder works with the Peacekeeper and the Triple Take.

Kinetic Feeder bug has made Peacekeeper unstoppable

Although the Kinetic Feeder is designed to speed up charge-up times and instantly reload a weapon while sliding, it is not meant to remove the delay between the Peacekeeper’s shots.

However, as showcased by Reddit user V0lqFelko, it’s doing exactly in its current state and allowing players to dish just under 200 damage in an instant at close-range.

The bug involves shooting the Peacekeeper until there’s only one round left in the mag, then it’s just a case of performing the perfect slide towards a target and the weapon will “double pump” an opponent.

There’s no denying that this bug is incredibly powerful and is an unintended mechanic, so using it in-game may result in your account being suspended.

With the Peacekeeper already being a top-tier weapon in Defiance, this “double pump” bug will need to be resolved by Respawn as quickly as possible.

Despite the risk of a ban, it’s likely this mechanic will be abused in Ranked and normal matches if it’s left in the game for too long.

Fingers crossed the devs sort this issue as quickly as possible or a lot of players are going to get one shot will full health and shield at close range.

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